Thursday, November 13, 2014


A Typical Israeli

     by Reb Gutman Locks     

   A Typical Israeli


        When he walked into the Kotel area I asked him to put on tefillin. He refused. I tried again. He refused again. I tried a third time. He refused a third time. Finally I said, "A soldier was just stabbed in Tel Aviv. He is in the emergency hospital in critical condition. You can put on tefillin and pray for him. He immediately stuck out his arm.

     This is a typical Israeli. Even though he really did not want to do anything religious, he did now know how to put on tefillin, nor he was at all interested in doing it, but when he heard that he might be able help another Jew in trouble he immediately stuck out his arm.

     He went to the Kotel with the tefillin on, and I watched him cry.




  1. Typical human of the world should think where to start building the temple or plant the new the of new life. Is the trouble part of the world a good place for it when all planet is in trouble? Australia,Cuba and Chili are the only countries where is a bit more quite and the rest of the world can be a mess and destruction more than is already is. A Rabbi should understand these facts

  2. We are Israel, and this is the Land of Israel that Hashem has given to us. Our job is not to run to a peaceful place, but to make our place peaceful.

  3. Not just the typical israeli, but the typical Jew. Religion is often selfish, just as love can be selfish. Yet, ask a Jew to do something for another, ask him or her to do a mitzvah NOT for themselves but for Hashem and you have a whole different reaction. These are the teachings from the Tanya.

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