Tuesday, November 25, 2014


A Note from a Jew in S. Louis

received via a friend with a friend in S. Louis, near Ferguson…

imageAt this point, being 5 hours after the St Louis County Prosecutor finished speaking, many businesses and buildings, even buildings of a significant size, were and continue to be set on fire and burned/still burn completely to the ground without firemen being able to put out any of the fires because the firemen did not want to risk getting shot.

It wasn't/isn't just Ferguson. The damage and fires and looting is also located all the way down the long stretch from the intersection of West Florissant and Lucas and Hunt and  down West Florissant to Highway 270. In addition to the City of Ferguson, Dellwood, Country Club Hills, Hazelwood, and Jennings are being terrorized and destroyed. The non contiguous area even further down Highway 270 at the Halls Ferry Road exit have businesses and cars that are now on fire and more building and cars continue to be set on fire in all these areas.

Of course, many, many businesses in all these areas were looted and badly vandalized by the crazed barbarians as well. I don't think the National Guard did anything. The Speaker of the Missouri House criticized the Governor for not utilizing the Guard. In addition to buildings, lots of cars including police cars were set on fire all over these area and continue to burn as the number of cars on fire continue to increase and nobody is putting out the fires. At this moment, cars are still exploding!

A University City policeman was shot around five minutes away from my home so I feel I made the correct decision not to go to Shul (synagogue) tonight. The Prosecutor was incredibly stupid to have made this announcement tonight as opposed to the morning.

Jewish S. Louis.  Distance from Ferguson to nearest synagogue, and therefore Jewish neighborhood – 3 miles.


There were also protests in the area near South Grand and Highway 44 but they were mostly peaceful and mostly just stopped traffic. Still, most schools are closed tomorrow.

Being that I live less than 15 minutes away from the mayhem, I drove west and am staying at a friend’s house. I guess the barbarians steered clear of Clayton as they know that unlike the municipalities in north county, the Clayton Police will not hesitate to shoot to kill.

Welcome to the new America where …the barbarians are newly emboldened to commit every type of violent crime only to be stopped by the limits of their imaginations.  I wish my wife would listen to me and allow me to take my children to Israel even though she does not want to go.

May Hashem save us.


  1. amalak ,,,, ymach shmo

  2. What is your wife afraid of? Please speak to her softly and try to calm her fears. This is a beautiful country, a great place to raise children. B"H we have wonderful fruits and veggies, good schools, everything is possible here. Most important, to realize that HaShem is constantly watching over us here, protecting us. With the computer, one can be in touch with family and loved ones, with Skype you can see each other in real time. This is the safest place in the world.

  3. Neshama, aliya is where it's at, but anyone who has seen what's happening here in just the last month is not going to be convinced that "Hashem is protecting us". Even with the slanted media not reporting all the terror here or the extent of it, those still holding out dont buy how safe it is here. train stations, synagogues, bus stops...those aren't the bad neighborhoods.

  4. Yirmeyah 51

    5 For Yisroel hath not been forsaken nor Yehudah by Elohav, by Hashem Tzva’os; though their land be filled with asham (guilt) against Kadosh Yisroel.
    6 Flee out of the midst of Bavel, and deliver every ish his nefesh; be not slain because of her avon; for this is the time of Hashem’s vengeance; He will render unto her a full recompence.
    7 Bavel hath been a Kos Zahav in the yad Hashem, that made kol ha’aretz drunken; the Goyim drank of her yayin; therefore the Goyim go mad.
    8 Bavel is suddenly fallen and broken; wail for her; take balm for her pain, perhaps she may be healed.
    9 We would have healed Bavel, but she cannot be healed; forsake her, and let us go every ish into his own country; for her mishpat reacheth unto Shomayim, and is lifted up even to the skies.

    America is daughter of Babylon
    And you can't get more midst (middle) of Babylon than St. Louis...

  5. freejonathan: Ferguson (LA, NY etc) is just the beginning of Jihad America so says Theodore Shoebat. Go and see what he says, watch the video, read about the protests (near riots) beginning in the US. Israel is still the safest place in the world for the Jew, its our home, given to us by Hashem.


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