Sunday, October 19, 2014

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The Unripe Fruit

Rabbi Chaninah bar Yitzchak said: There are three unripe fruits: the unripe fruit of death is sleep; the unripe fruit of prophecy is the dream, the unripe fruit of the World to Come is Shabbos.  Rabbi Avin added two more: the unripe fruit of the Supernal Light is the orb of the Sun; the unripe fruit of the supernal wisdom is the Torah.”

Midrash Bereshis Rabbah 17:5

The body is the vessel of the soul, bridging the connection of the spiritual to the physical.  And the Torah is the vessel of Divine Wisdom, bridging the connection between G-d and man.  And since Hashem Elokaynu Hashem Echad – since G-d is one, the Knowledge and the Knower, Torah is the bridge for man to connect to G-d.


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