Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Sara S. Wants to Know

    by Reb Gutman Locks     

Sara S. Wants to Know


Dear Rabbi,

     I watched one of your videos. It is so amazing. You have a wealth of knowledge. The confidence you have in God drew me even closer. Please tell me if every Jew is a part of Hashem then what about the rest of human kind? Where are they from? And the honest convert what kind of soul is he/she? Is it a Jewish soul? What happens to the non Jewish soul at death?


Thank you


Sara S.


Gutman's response:

     Since G-d is Infinite, He is without limits, therefore He must be all, including even the lowest of the creation,[i] but G-d hides Himself in order for the creation to appear, and for there to be freewill in mankind.

     G-d is the life of all, but in some of His creation He hides Himself more than in others. This means that the life in a rock is much more limited than the life in an animal. G-d covers Himself more in a rock than in an animal, and He covers Himself even less in a human being. And when He formed the soul of a Jew He covered Himself even less than with the soul of a non Jew. He did this to allow the Jew a greater role in sharing His light with the entire world.

     When a righteous gentile undergoes a kosher (orthodox) conversion he or she acquires a Jewish soul.

    If the non Jew remains a non Jew, and observes the Seven Commandments of Noah, they enjoy a wonderful life in this world, and they acquire a share in the World to Come.

     It is easier to serve G-d than to serve one's animal inclination, which is what most people do.



[i] Deuteronomy 4:39  "…the L-rd is G-d, in the Heavens above and upon the earth below, there is nothing else."


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