Thursday, October 30, 2014


Living in the Old City

     by Reb Gutman Locks

     Living in the Old City


       I just came back from my pretty much daily trip to the two Rova mecholets (grocery stores). The narrow streets have become completely crowded… thousands of tourists…often in large groups, blocking the small areas. It's easy to get frustrated with it all.

     Okay, so I say, "Thank G-d for the Redemption that's happening," (and the crowds are a sure sign of this) but still, it's hard to get by them.

     Just now, after leaving the store by the top of the stairs to the Kotel, there was a group of some 50 young, Israeli soldiers filing by. They were moving along in a line, two by two. They were all carrying automatic weapons and all were wearing kipas (religious head covers). I was kind of stuck in the middle of them as we all moved toward a large group of middle-aged, American Jewish tourists who were almost completely blocking the walkway.

     "Oh boy, I will never get back in time," was my immediate reaction.

     Then, when the tourists saw the young Jewish soldiers filing by, they all began to applaud, and call out in English, "Thank you. Thank you."

     The soldiers turned red. They were embarrassed… and when the tourists saw that they were humble, they applauded even more.

     I couldn't handle it. I just cried.



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