Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Kosher Liquor Lists

imageIt’s almost Simchas Torah, and many stock up on and consume alcoholic drinks on the holiday during the celebration.  But which vodkas, whiskeys, gin, etc, are kosher?

The CRC maintains the most comprehensive liquor list, but their classifications can be a bit confusing for the more educated kosher consumer – being “recommended”, “not recommended”, “prohibited”, and “kosher certified”.  Their kosher certified or recommended can reliably be used by even the most discriminating kosher consumer (mehadrin).

The CRC list is here.

The Kosher Liquor List is less comprehensive, but for what they list they include the details of WHY it’s top-notch-kosher or otherwise (with a “rating scale” of 1-7 stars).  For example, scotch aged in a sherry wine cask is 1-star, because it’s only permitted by a weak opinion in Igros Moshe. 

The Kosher Liquor List is here.  Note there’s a link on the top right to switch to Hebrew or French, if those languages are better for you.

Have a Happy and Kosher and Safe Shemini Atzeres & Simchas Torah!

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  1. Where in the world was Sabra? And Hazelnut Liquor (apertif?)?
    And where did they put the Gluten Free Beer, made from Sorghum (a GF grain), or otherwise?

    The items I might use in cooking are not there. In general I do not drink liquor


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