Sunday, October 05, 2014


Jews in Holland Warned not to Celebrate Succot

We previously wrote about Jews being attacked in Amsterdam.  And while some administrators within the community wished to deny it, the story was verified.

Today we have another example of Jews at risk in Holland…

The Hague, Netherlands:  The Hague is the 3rd largest city in Holland, as well as being home of the (UN) International Court of Justice, the (UN) International Criminal Court, and the (EU) European Court of Justice.  Rather an important place, and one which should be focusing on fairness and justice.’

The Jewish community in The Hague neighborhood of Schilderswijk applied to the city to build a Sukkah (a traditional religious hut), used for the week long holiday of Succot, which begins this Wednesday night.

The Dutch police warned the city to DENY the permit because “the Dutch police fear the sukkah would be considered a Jewish symbol, attracting violence and vandalism towards Jews in the area. Police were against the idea following a series of riots in and around the Jewish section of Schilderswijk over the summer, several of which included an appearance of the ISIS flag and shouts of “kill the Jews.””

To the city’s credit, they approved the application but passed along the warning.  The applicant has not yet stated whether he intends to put up his sukkah following the police warning.

Readers in Europe, please examine your local situation with an unbiased eye.  Wise planning and alternative options would seem to be appropriate.


  1. We must pray that Hashem will confuse the wicked... in their camps, in their fortresses, and in their very minds.... and they will be turned around to do GOOD instead of evil... thinking they are doing their "plans"

  2. Not that it matters anything much but the Jewish(Israeli)artist who wants to build the sukah, has a bipolar issue and is not allowed into synagoge for 2 years due to prior problems. Schilderswijk is a notorious Sharia no go area. I just live a neighbourhood and a half away. There have been terrible pro ISIS pro Pseudopain demo's here over the summer. The artist walks around freely with kipa. Others choose lower profile. Police sort of pragmatic looking the other way. Strange to read about a place that has been my residence for 10 years. So long!

  3. to the Dutch police, why not do your job and end this hate going on in your cities, rather than go and stop it, you tell people not to practice their religion.... despicable


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