Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Wrestling with a Huge Dog

Wrestling with a Huge Dog

 by Reb Gutman Locks

     I was learning about dreams.[i] The best advice is, since dreams go according to their interpretation, whatever a dream shows, try to find a way to see it as predicting some wonderful thing that is going to happen.

     I tried for a week or so to remember enough of my dreams to interpret in some wildly favorable way, but to no avail. Then, last night, I had such a vivid, scary dream it would have been hard not to remember it. I only had to go over it once before its meaning came to me.

     I was in a house wrestling with a huge, wild dog. It seemed to be a fight for my life. Finally, I was able to pin the dog down. I was holding it by its throat looking for some way to kill it, or at least to knock it out. The battle was fierce. I reached for something to hit it with, but Instead, I grabbed its neck with both hands and squeezed as hard as I could until I knocked it out. I dragged its huge, limp body to the door and threw it out, but before I could slam the door shut the dog awoke and ran back into the house!

      I started to search for it, but then some rabbi looking fellow appeared in front of me and said, "He is in there learning Torah. I thought, "What in the world is he saying? The dog is learning Torah!"

     I opened the door to that room and there was a different dog laying there, sleeping quietly on the floor. It was much smaller than the dog I was fighting, and it was colored nicely with long black and white hair. I said, "That's not the dog I have been fighting." I left the room looking for the wild dog, and the dream ended suddenly!

     I am used to having crazy dreams, in fact in my entire life I have had only one or two good dreams, but this one stuck to me vividly, and I really wondered what it meant.

     Then, early in the morning, I smiled broadly as the dream's most obvious meaning came. Once I saw it, I wondered why I didn't understand it even as I was dreaming it.

     I was wrestling with my animal inclination, trying to kill it, or at least to knock it out. It was a fierce battle. Then I was told, instead of trying to kill the animal I should teach the animal Torah and it will change. It will become a much smaller, harmless, even handsome animal.

     Okay animal, here we go… into class; aleph bet gimel dalet, this is how you become a nice and even helpful fella.


[i] Berachos 55 


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