Thursday, September 11, 2014

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Which Is It?

Which is it?

 by Reb Gutman Locks

      What are we supposed to do; pick up the lower to the higher, or bring the higher down to the lower? The answer is; we are to do both. Our spiritual task is to pick up the lower and to bring down the higher.

     We pick up the lower by using physical objects in holy ways. We do this by using whatever we find in the physical world for holy purposes, mitzvahs. For instance; candles become holy when we light them for Shabbos. A coin becomes holy as we let it fall into a poor person's hand. Food becomes holy when we make a blessing over it. We focus on the lower, the actual physical object, but as we use it we elevate it.

      G-d is already everywhere at all times. He is infinite. So what does it mean to bring the higher down to the lower? It means that we focus on Hashem, and recognize that He fills and surrounds all. This helps us to become aware of His Presence. When we live a life of awareness of Hashem filling our world, we reveal the higher reality that is already here, but hidden.

     Elevating the lower, and recognizing the Higher in the lower world are two holy ways. When we do them both, we live holy lives.



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