Thursday, September 18, 2014

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The “Spark”

The "Spark"

David from Sweden wrote:


Dear Reb Gutman,

     The "spark" in me, sometimes grows into a little fire, I grow wings and feel the connection. Sometimes it almost disappears completely, leaving me in that hopeless dark place again and all my "understandings" of the past looks like nonsense. My soul keeps me looking on, and I'm so tired...

David W

Gothenburg, Sweden


Gutman's reply:


     What you describe is the natural way of spiritual growth. You should be used to it by now, and not be fooled by the lows, nor too swept away with the highs.     

     When the ultimate experience comes - the revelation of G-d's Presence - you will experience the fulfillment you are seeking, but that too will pass. All this is to encourage you to continue doing the things that bring goodness into the world so you will be fitting to receive the reward that Hashem wants to give you.




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