Sunday, September 21, 2014

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The Gift of Repentence

Some Torah from Rav Shalom Arush, shlita, is being made available to us to share.  We’ll be publishing, with some edits as appropriate for our audience.

on Mystical Paths, Torah by Rav Shalom Arush, shlita

Precious Jewish people, let’s think deeply about the love Hashem has for us. He wants to find merit in the Jewish people and therefore gave us the awesome gift of Rosh Hashanah, the day of judgment, every year, along with the holy days of Elul, the ten days of repentance, the holy day of Yom Kipur - the day of forgiveness from sin and after this the holy days of Succot. These are wonderful days in which we can seal for ourselves a good sweet year.

Really we want to ask, what’s such a great gift with Rosh Hashana? It’s the day of Judgment. Hashem judges us on everything from the past year. We need to realize that if it were not for this holy day and the days of tshuva (repentance) that accompany it, then a person would come to the heavenly court after 120 years in the world and he would be judged on his whole life from the time he became bar mitzvah. Now, however, we have the opportunity every year to go over our deeds and fix them. A person that merits to utilize this time properly, as we’ll explain, merits every year to “a clean slate”, to start a new page, clean and refreshed. Like the Holy Torah says on Succot “and take for yourselves on the first day”. On this our sages ask: why is Succot called the ‘first day’? It’s the first day that sins are counted, because all of the sins of the previous year were erased and forgiven. As a result of the repentance of the Yomim Noraim – the days from Rosh Hashana until Succot, all of the old “files” were closed and now we start a new page. We find that a person that passes away needs to give an accounting just from the first day of his last Succot until the day he passes away.

If he merited …an hour of tshuva everyday which is the ‘hour of hitbodedut’, then after his 120 years in the world there is nothing to judge him on at all. He’s all clean. At the most he’ll be judged on a few hours, from the time of his last hitbodedut. Every day he cleaned his slate of everything on that day and started a new day on a new blank page. Anyone who has this hour of hitbodedut and does a daily self assessment, cleans his slate every day and has a nice sweet life. There are no judgments on him, no problems.

Is there a greater kindness than this? Is there any gift as wonderful as this? Imagine to yourself a person that has debts hundreds of thousands of dollars to the government and creditors, each of which have their own teams of repo men coming his way. For him to pay back his dept would take all of his earnings for years and years. If you’d say to a person like this, listen we decided to give you the opportunity to wipe away all of your debt with just a minimal amount of work on your part… is this not the good news? Anyone who understands what a wonderful gift this is really needs to wake up to utilize these days to the fullest and to be filled with joy that Hashem gives us the opportunity to wipe clean everything from the past. Full of joy that Hashem allows us to start a new year on a new clean page. Everyone needs to see to it that they use this time to the fullest in repentance.


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