Sunday, September 07, 2014

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 by Reb Gutman Locks

     Moshe was born in England. His parents moved to Israel when he was just one year old. Moshe and his large family live in Ir Dovid (the City of David). Ir Dovid is just outside the Old City wall. It is mostly filled with arabs.

     Moshe is a rav in a yeshiva, and he is a Lt. Colonel in the IDF (Israel Defense Force).

     At the Torah reading just after the recent war in Gaza, Moshe said the blessing giving thanks to Hashem for bringing him out of a dangerous situation. Most often, we hear that blessing said by men who traveled over the Ocean, and it is usually said rather routinely, without emotion. Moshe said it differently.

     When I asked him what happened, he held his hand over his head and sprinkled with his fingers imitating rockets landing in and around him and his troops.   

     We all thanked G-d for bringing Moshe back to the minyan (quorum).



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