Monday, September 22, 2014

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Meditations for the Shofar

Once again, the time of Judgment is swiftly approaching. A time we will be reunited with G-d, our Father. A time of sweetness, of joy and of trepidation. How do I appear before my Father in heaven? I know I don't reach the target He expects of me but all I need is a sincere heart, a pure longing to crown Him, the Creator of the worlds, over me, for me to speak to Him, as a son to his father.

The Shofar provides me with that opportunity.

The Shofar is the most important Mitsvoh on the day of Rosh HaShonnoh. Through it, we enter the Kodesh Kodoshim, of ourselves, of all Israel and of the holy Shechinoh.

What are we to think of when he hear the pure sounds of the Shofar?  Here are a few kavannoth:

  • I was given a pure neshomoh [soul]. This is symbolised by the Teqioh - the long, unbroken sound. I have spoilt that purity - symbolised by the Shevorim - the broken-up-into-three sound. I regret that impurity - i cry from the depths - symbolised by the stacatto sounds of the Teruoh note. G-d makes me pure again- symbolised by the final Teqioh. (Shelo"h Hakodosh)

  • We are sounding the trumpets. The King is arriving. Then comes the still prayer of the Amidoh. We stand before the King. The judgement is on. From time to time, within the stillness in the Court-room, we sound the Shofar, our advocate. The Teqioh symbolises Avrohom; the Shevorim, Yitschok; the Teruoh, Yaakov and the Shevorim-Teruoh, Dovid HaMelech. (Zohar and Ari HaKodosh)

  • The Shofar we blow is a 'part' of the Shofar of Moshiach. Though we may not discern clearly, every year the world comes closer and closer to its final tiqqun-correction; through every year's Rosh-HaShonoh, there is another element of tiqqun - the Shofar blowing is that of Moshiach! (Ramchal)

May we all have a qesivoh uchasimoh toivoh!

Rabbi Rubin of Eye to the Infinite -

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  1. For more information about Shofar and other Holy Temple instruments, we have written extensively on the Shofar and have several websites


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