Thursday, September 18, 2014

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Israpundit–new address

A few weeks ago one of the oldest stalwarts of pro-Israel blogging had a problem with his site. Hackers managed to take over Ted Belman’s Israpundit domain name and steal it from him. So :

Israpundit is asking for your help  By Ted Belman

A few weeks ago Israpundit, my blog for over 13 years, got HACKED and my domain name,, was stolen.

I bought a new domain, namely and connected it to my most recent backup. Hardly skipped a beat.

Except that my traffic took an enormous hit as there was no way to inform my potential readers that the url for israpundit was changed to

Could you do a post to spread the word. Also notify your FB friends.

Take note. Hackers are constantly trying to disrupt any who tell the truth about Israel. It’s a never ending fight to keep them out.


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