Monday, September 15, 2014

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Friday Night Kiddush, Meal, ROCKET ALERT

We went to synagogue and prayed the Shabbos prayer.  The weather was beautiful and services nice.  We chatted a bit after services and headed home to our families.

The wine was cold, the Shabbos table set in honor of the Shabbos queen.  I made kiddush (the blessings over the wine) and we began our meal in honor of the holy Shabbos.  My children had prepared sushi for the fish dish!

We discussed some Torah.  A bit about the Torah portion, some chassidic stories in honor of Chai Elul (the 18th of Elul – the birthday of the Baal Shem Tov and the Alter Rebbe of Chabad).

The meal ended and we said the blessings after the meal.

My wife was tired and headed to bed.  I relaxed on the couch reading a Jewish family magazine and discussing a bit about world events with my older children…


The site runs from my home. (We’re trying to fund a project to move it to a proper server here.)  Somewhere in Israel was under rocket attack.  Jews were grabbing their children and running for their lives…somewhere, somewhere not too far away.

We couldn’t see where, we don’t leave the computer screen turned on during Shabbos.  And actually, when we’re not expecting attacks, we don’t normally leave the speakers on either. 

We jumped, it was unexpected.  We worried, what was happening?

Imagine living in a world, a modern world, but one where people randomly attack you, attempting mass casualty attacks on civilian cities and towns – simply because of your religion.

That’s how it is in Israel today.  It’s a war crime – nobody cares.  It should bring a massive response – it won’t (too worried about what the world will say about Jews defending themselves).

When it starts a war, and it will start one, they will cry and scream about how the Jews are attacking.  But if there is any way to stop this without creating a massive deterrent by a massive attack – I’d like to know.

(This attack was on the Golan and came from either Syria or Lebanon.)


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