Sunday, September 14, 2014

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Fantasy Peaceland

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YNetNews: “Listen to (Army Intelligence Officer’s Letter), Israel’s leaders should explain why after so many years of “occupation” there is no end in sight.”

One wonders how intelligence officers can show so little intelligence, to not let facts and reality interfere with their political outlook.  Perhaps this proves the axiom that military intelligence is an oxymoron.  So let’s help them out…

- The neighbors (Arabs) have been raiding, kidnapping, and killing the indigenous Jews of Israel for around the past 1,700 years.  This was only interrupted by the occasional mass slaughter by conquering empires (such as the Crusaders) or brief imposition of organized governance (such as the Ottomans and then the British) – who slowed down but did not stop such raids or killings.

- The only reason the indigenous Jews of Israel were not completely wiped out is the condition of the Land of Israel, as a raiding territory and nothing more, sunk so low that the poverty of the Jews left little worth raiding.  The majority of the neighbors left to other (Arab) lands because there was not enough pillaging or work to sustain them.

- As the Jewish population started to grow in the 1800’s through various Jewish groups attempting to re-settle Israel, as well as Zionism doing the same, the neighbors returned as the Jewish groups brought work opportunities and assets that could now, once again, be raided, stolen, kidnapped and killed.

- The new Jewish groups, the Zionist groups in particular, weren’t particularly interested in being raided, kidnapped and killed.  They organized defense and protected themselves.  They did not, in general, raid, kidnap, steal or kill the neighbors.  They did defend and retaliate to create deterrence.

…And basically nothing’s changed in the past 100 years.  The neighbors do their periodic attempt to raid, kidnap, steal and kill.  The Jews defend and occasionally retaliate to create deterrence.

The peaceniks of Israel cry out “can’t we all just get along?”  “Maybe if we give them what they want, there will be peace.”  “The situation is not fair to them, the majority just want to live their lives but are trapped in a terrible situation.”

The problem is: they’ve been given much but still periodically raid, kidnap, steal, kill and now make war.  They haven’t built a civil society even when given the resources and room to do so.  And they don’t speak of peace, they speak of when they will win.

So what’s the realistic alternatives?

Israel’s strategy, if it qualifies as one, is to attempt to maintain the stability, to create enough negative pressure to keep the raiding, kidnapping, stealing and killing to a livable minimum, and to grow strong enough and big enough that the neighbors finally back off.  With ISIS kicking the U.S. in the shin, the last would seem to be an unrealistic strategy.  But the rest has worked so far.

The peacenik strategy of “give give and they’ll be nice now that they have what they want” didn’t work in the past, and Israel would be crazy to try it again in the future.  The failing may not be that it wouldn’t work, but that “what they want” is not a bit of land and control – but to take everything Israel has… including it’s daughters while killing it’s men.

…Hard to accommodate that.  But the glitter of Tel Aviv blinds many eyes.


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