Monday, September 22, 2014


A New Year without Miracles

BY Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok of – Copyright, All rights reserved (edits by Reb Akiva)

What do you expect? Magic? A miracle, perhaps? What do you think this New Year will bring to us?

If I cook up a recipe for Chicken Soup, why would anyone expect that I would end up with pancakes? The ingredients dictate the recipe. What we cook, and how we cook it, defines what it is that we eat.

With food for the body, this is common logic that everyone knows. No ones expects, or would accept any alteration to this simple and plain fact. Yet, with regards to food for the soul and mind, for some bizarre reasons, we think that the relationship between that which we cook and that which we eat is somehow magically, or miraculously different….

What one sews is what one reaps. According to the effort invested, are the just rewards received. If we create bad times, then bad times, they be a comin'…

Since Biblical times, the Hebrew seventh month, Tishrei, is the time of blowing the Rams Horn (shofar). It is the time of new beginnings. It is the time, in Jewish tradition, to focus on repentance, and returning to God. Yet,…exactly what it means to repent and return to God has been …lost…....

Emphasis, … needs to be placed on our interpersonal behaviors, and how we must improve the ways in which we treat one another.

The Biblical prophetic message is clear that what God wants from humanity is for humanity to act humanely one towards the other. It is this code of righteous behavior that defines the highest worship of God. As such, it is the observance of the Biblical code of moral righteousness that draws us close to God. This then is how one repents, and returns to God, by repenting of the poor ways that we treat one another. As we turn towards each other, we are essentially returning to God.

We live in the world of reality. And in the world of reality, it is God that waits for us to act. It should never be us waiting for God to act.

We need to make every effort to join together and support our mutual efforts to make our world a better place, by making ourselves better, and by improving the way we treat others.

If we dream of apocalypse, doom and gloom, then we will be bringing it upon our own heads. It will not be God at fault, but us. Think negative, and experience the negative. Think good and experience good. Be good and do good.

If we can bring hell to earth, so too can we bring heaven to earth. The power is all in our hands, and God is indeed watching and waiting for us, to sincerely repent, to return to Him, and to shine His Divine light by simply being the best human being that we can be!

As the New Year dawns upon us, pray not, and ask not, for magic or miracles. Rather, work hard! Make life better! Change everything! Change the way you live, change the way you behave…

Do not rely upon miracles or wait for magic, rather trust in God above to bless the hard work of our hands. In this, we are seldom disappointed.

May we bring upon ourselves the resolve and resolution to work hard to make our New Year, the best we can make it.

And may God bless the righteous works of our hands. Amen!


  1. Yup, so simple we can't see the forest for the trees. Hey, our 2000 year exile did not happen for nothing. But the sad part, as a dog returns to his vomit ..... we won't change. Even the nano second after Yom Kippur, business as usual. Sad, totally sad.

  2. Beautiful. So basic, down to earth simplicity, but with Heavenly reward.

    Kasiva v'Chasima Tova to Akiva and family.
    Shana Tova U'Metuka


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