Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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What’s it Like when they’re Trying to Kill Me

imageThe terrorists – militants – unhappy people compensating for something - broke the ceasefire this evening with 3 rockets fired at Be’er Sheva, a city of 200,000 (with no military facilities in the city). They followed up with a heavy rocket bombardment of many Israeli cities, towns, and villages following a few hours later.  Our city was targeted multiple times, as was Jerusalem (we are on that flight path).  One home in town was hit with shrapnel from a rocket interception, damaging a retaining wall.

BOOM. Shook my windows with no siren.  That means it was probably on it’s way to Jerusalem and intercepted near us.

Three of my children are having bad reactions. One with a near panic attack and won't go to sleep, one is obsessing watching multiple channels and online info sources, jumping and shouting about every bit of info, and one has gone hyper nasty ripping everyone's heads off (but did go to sleep).

Here’s other comments that applied…

-- “Hamas are incapable of observing a ceasefire because they exist to fire. Would anyone expect ISIS to cease their fire? Or Al Qaeda?”

-- “Some of the Red Alert apps aren’t working.  Here’s what I recommend:

. for Android,  “Real Time Red Alert”, starts in Hebrew but has an English option, or RED Red Alert System, starts in English but has a Hebrew option.

. for iPhone / iPad, RED Red Alert System.

. from a browser,

-- “I always give masked gunmen the benefit of the doubt.”

-- “Don't let news outlets get away w/ saying the ceasefire "collapsed." It didn't collapse. It was deliberately blown up by rockets from Gaza.”

-- “#Hamas says it has fired a rocket at #Israel's Ben Gurion airport again. Waiting for UN to condemn. Or maybe not.”

-- “Dear Israel bashers: When rockets rain down on Israeli woman and children, do you want Israel to: A. Do nothing? B. Stop the rockets?”

-- “Remember that time Israeli soldiers beheaded a Muslim and broadcast the video? Me either.”

-- “This isn't a war of civilizations. ISIS and Hamas aren’t a civilization. They’re the paradigm of barbarism.”

-- “My Father (not mine, the source of this comment) used to say: "They would gladly slit their throats if they could only get blood on your shirt and ruin it"

-- #RocketUpsides #Israel Being under attack is good because... It really gets the juices pumping. No boredom or depression running for shelter.

-- #RocketUpsides #Israel Being under attack is good because... Serious increase in prayer intensity without even trying!

-- #RocketUpsides #Israel Being under attack is good because... You finally get your teens to sit and the bomb shelter.

-- “Guys, I'm starting to think maybe Hamas doesn't want a ceasefire.”

-- “The silence of world leaders & human rights org to condemn #Hamas for breaking cease fire & renewing rocket attacks on #Israel is deafening.”

-- “No rocket fire in the last 20 minutes. Terrorist coffee break? #IsraelUnderFire #HamasSucks


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  1. They are not, "unhappy people compensating for something". They are purely murderers, worshipers of Satan and death.
    That one that whizzed by you came to my area, Jerusalem. Into the stairwell I went. It's funny, but I am not scared at the siren. I view it as a message from HaShem to obey.

    Your teens need to focus on Who is running this world and where we are headed - to the Geula. Can they begin to grasp that? I don't have children so Im not the best judge in this situation. But they do need to increase their Emuna and Bitachon. After all, we are in Eretz Yisrael not Israel.
    BTW I think you mean "neither" as in neither nor = NO


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