Thursday, August 14, 2014

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What a World We Live In!

What a World We Live In!

 by Reb Gutman Locks

     Everything has a soul. If we could see deep enough we would see molecules moving around inside rocks. There is life even in inanimate objects. Obviously, the consciousness that the life in a rock experiences is not the same as the consciousness an animal experiences, but none the less, there is life even in a rock.

     What is the experience of consciousness? What is awareness? Just as are all physical encasements different, so too is the nature of the consciousness in objects different. Just as an object's physical body is determined by its purpose in creation, so too is its consciousness determined by its purpose.

     What is this bird aware of at this intense moment? Animals do not have freewill, but they certainly have feelings. What is the insect's experience at this moment? He surely sees the bird coming. Do insects have fear? Anxiety? Yearning?

​     This frog is looking out at his world. It is fulfilling its nature. It does not have freewill, but it is definitely looking for something. There is focused awareness happening inside that frog.

This young charedi bride and groom have never been alone before. Their marriage ceremony was a minute or two before this picture was taken. They had only seen each other for a few minutes in their lives, just long enough to be able to say, "My parents chose a good spouse for me."

     Now, they are about to be alone for the first time. He has never been alone with a girl before, and she has never been alone with a boy.

     What is going on in their minds? What are they experiencing?

     The custom is; first, the groom asks Hashem to bless his bride. Then, the bride asks Hashem to bless her of the most heartfelt, precious moments of life.

     Life is such that we are aware of something every moment. We either watch our thoughts running in our head, or we pay attention to something going on around us in our "outer" world. Sometimes we watch the mind roaming, sometimes we lock onto intense focused thoughts. We dream. We hope. We work. Something is always going on inside our head.

     There is you, your body, your awareness, and your world, all for a good reason.

     What an amazing experience life is. What a gorgeous opportunity when we use it right.  



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