Thursday, August 07, 2014

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They Were Great!

by Reb Gutman Locks

They Were Great!


     Boy, was he tough! He wouldn't even look at me when I asked him to put on tefillin, let alone cooperate. He's from Canada. I asked him what he was doing in Israel. He answered, still not looking at me. "I brought a bunch of politicians to Israel to show support for Israel."

     "So, why won't you put on tefillin? You want to support Israel, and there's no better way to protect our soldiers than for you to put on tefillin!"


     I tried tugging on his arm. He pulled back, hard.

     "It doesn't make any sense at all for you to come all this way to support Israel, stand at the Kotel, and not put on tefillin. When you do a mitzvah you strengthen the Jewish people."


     I tried tugging again. He pulled back even harder. He face was set hard against me.

     Just then a group of some 20 young Jews from England were walking by. I called out to them.

     "Tell him to put on tefillin. He won't listen to me, but he'll listen to you."

     They jumped on the idea. They all chimed in, "Yeah…come on…you can do it. Put on tefillin, and pray for our soldiers."

     He may have softened a bit, but he didn't really show it.

     But then they all started singing to him, and dancing, jumping up and down, waving their arms. "You can do it! You can do it!" They were great.

     It cracked his hard front. He couldn't take it. He smiled, and said, "Okay. Who can resist so many boys singing to you?"

     I put tefillin on him, had him pray for our soldiers and for the Jews in danger all over the world.

     I called out to the boys, "You did it! It's only because of you that he put on tefillin."

     They went away singing.

     I love this "job." It's really great to help Jews to do a mitzvah, and it's even greater when you can get Jews to help other Jews to do a mitzvah.


"Who can resist…"


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