Thursday, August 14, 2014

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Our Religion is Winning, Die Pig


The black flag of death has begun to appear in London and New York and (in the photo above) suburban New Jersey.  In photos too horrid to believe but posted by those perpetrating the acts, the jihadis of the “Islamic State” show off their acts of unbelievable horror to a world that JUST DOESN’T CARE.

Worse than the worst horror movie, more gruesome than the grossest Halloween display, they have been rampaging across the Middle East – carving out a kingdom now stretching through MOST of Iraq & Syria, a small part of Lebanon, and now threatening Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Their horrors read like stories from Medieval torture chambers: (live) beheadings, (live) dismemberment, gang rape, all the above performed to one family member in the presence of the others, cutting of children in half, burying children alive, cruxification, and literal enslavement of women and girls.  Heads are piling up like in the Killing Fields of Cambodia, and bodies like in the Holocaust.  Mass torture and slaughter, with nary a whisper from the United Nations Human Rights Council or from the national news (who’s reporters are too terrified to try to report from there).

While there are those in the West who have campaigned against blood diamonds (diamonds purchased from mines run by militants in African conflict zones – thereby funding those militants continued actions), your car may now be running on gasoline via oil sold from the captured oil fields of Iraq and Syria, funding the Islamic State. 

But why should we care if a bunch of camel jockeys want to cut off each other’s heads and play soccer with them? 

image image

(Above, recruiting flyer to join the Islamic State being passed out in Central London, England.)

We have begun (yet another) clash of civilizations.  In the past such clashes may have been over the form of government and the rights (or lack thereof) of the citizens.  This clash is over whether you will retain your head or your daughters because they are superior and you are not human.

In the past, wars were far away – or at least had a border.  Today, through massive immigration, multi-culturalism, and the failure to promote a societal vision within the Western world, the enemy is within and discontented. 


The problem we face: as these people get worked up about “their religion winning” – via horrific and massive slaughter, acts that if performed on an animal in the West would get you a lifetime in prison – will they import such acts to their home countries?  And even if they don’t, will their support help the most horrific organization in modern times spread it’s death, destruction, and horrific acts?

[ Seen the picture of the women being sold into slavery in Ninweh?  How about the Australian father and 7 year old son holding up a severed human head?  The thousands of dead men with their hands bound behind their backs piled in dead rows?  The half buried bodies of masses of children? ]

While the world obsesses over the war between Israel and Gaza (where the defender is vilified and held to an impossible standard), a force literally from hell is on the march. 

Will anyone pay attention?

Yusuf @Bodyguard790 said: ‘I wish a long life so you suffer each day.’


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