Sunday, August 03, 2014

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No, But…

No, But…

 by Reb Gutman Locks 

     I stopped by a group of Birthright Boys on the street and told them that they had to marry Jewish girls. But then, I wasn't sure if the boy right in front of me was Jewish, so I asked him if his mother is Jewish.

     He said that she isn't.

     This can be an uncomfortable moment, with the boy feeling put down, and me seeming to be a trouble maker, so I quickly asked the boy standing next to him if his mother is Jewish.

     He said that she is, so I told him that he had to marry a Jewish girl, but his friend who said that his mother isn't Jewish should not marry a Jewish girl.

    Then the non Jewish boy said, "But my grandmother's Jewish."

    I said, "Your father's mother, right?" assuming that's why he's not Jewish.

    He said, "No. My mother's mother is Jewish."

    "Wait a minute!" I tapped him on the chest a bunch of times, "If your mother's mother is Jewish, then your mother is Jewish, and if your mother is Jewish, you are Jewish!"

    He said, "I keep telling her that, but she won't listen."

    I told him to marry a Jewish girl and it will all work out fine, and then I added "And they're better looking, too."

    He laughed, and agreed with me.

    The assimilation in America is getting so thick now, that there are many Jews who do not even know that they are Jews!



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