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I’m told we must worry about our enemy’s children.  We must worry about their suffering.  Innocent civilians must be spared, and it’s a tragedy if they are injured or killed.  Of course Hamas is playing on these sensibilities, showing pictures of every destroyed building, every injured or killed child, every woman with a bruise.  (Somehow pictures of dead or injured terrorists never seem to appear.)

And while they are trying to kill us, we (as a society) are providing them free electrical service, free water service, free phone service, plus operating an entry and exit port providing the vast majority of food, medicine, and consumer products.  We further operate a free medical facility for them on the border, allow treatment of seriously ill patients in Israeli hospitals, and have even facilitated the transfer of Palestinian patients to Turkey.

But what do we receive for our concern, our kindness to those trying to kill us?

ROCKETS.  Hundreds of them every day fired at our homes, our women, our children.  Homes hit, schools hit, kindergartens hit.

Rambam – Guide to the Perplexed (Part 3, Chapter 39) : On Shemos (21:14), “If a person willfully schemes to kill his neighbor – he shall be (even) taken from my altar and put to death”, the wicked and calculating person (who killed intentionally and was sentenced to death) – if he seeks sanctuary among us, we must not provide him with asylum and not have mercy upon him...because compassion towards the wicked – is cruelty to all beings.

Shmuel Alef 15:9 – (I Samuel 15:9), “And Saul and the nation spared Agag,” the Midrash says (Tanhuma, Parashat Mezora,1) R’ Elazar said: One who becomes compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate, as it is written, “And Saul and the nation spared Agag and the best sheep and cattle.”, and it is written (Ibid. 22:19) “And Nov, the city of priests, he smote with the edge of a sword.”

…We give a humanitarian cease fire, they use it to attack and kill our soldiers.

…We give a longer ceasefire, rocket fire doubles when it ends as they’ve used the time to reload.

…They use the gift of electricity to run arc welders to make rockets.

…They use the gift of cement to build tunnels to INVADE our towns and commit either mass slaughter or mass kidnapping.

…They bomb the cargo terminal we are using to deliver them food, medicine and consumer goods WHILE those goods are being delivered! (Because killing us is more important than getting food to their children.)

…They booby trap medical clinics, transport fighters in ambulances, store rockets in mosques and hospitals, launch rockets from schools, refugee areas, UN facilities, and hotels.

We try to reduce enemy casualties, while they try to increase ours, avoiding bombing those attacking us (if children area nearby), avoiding attacking ambulances and hospitals, avoiding targeting homes in civilian areas.  Our soldiers hesitate in their firing to avoid civilians, AT THE RISK OF THEIR OWN LIVES, while they fire from within civilians – using our kindness and humanity as a defensive technique.

imageENOUGH!  Our kindness has not only become cruelty to our own people, but it has become a weapon being used against us.

: I will not cry for their women and children while they refuse to stop firing.

: We must stop delivering goods while they are trying to kill us, and even kill those delivering in the midst of delivery.  Every time they fire at the cargo terminal, it should shut down for 1 month automatically.

: We must turn off the electricity and water (and they’ve even tried to kill those repairing electrical lines that have been damaged) while they are firing.  Every time they fire, turn off the electricity and water for 2 days.

: The army must be given an open hand to do everything necessary to stop rocket fire and attacks on Israel.  If that requires artillery fire until a neighborhood is no longer usable as a launch pad, so be it.  If that involves indiscriminate fire into a populated area – EXACTLY AS THE ENEMY IS DOING TO US – so be it.

An enemy is defeated when they either no longer have the ability to fight or when they feel sufficient pain to no longer have the will to fight. 

Everything I have written is LEGAL according to international law and the laws of war, and APPROPRIATE according to halacha.  Our compassion is killing us, and actually even hurting the enemy.  How the enemy?  By prolonging the conflict and setting up for yet another round. 

IT IS NOT COMPASSION to prolong a war.  And this war will only end when they are thoroughly defeated.  So have compassion on the enemy and KILL HAMAS, ALL OF THEM.


  1. Akiva, you are right in what you are saying. But remember, Israel, a banana republic of the United States does nothing without the ok from the regime and it's handlers. Along with a gov't here in this country that does not give a damn about it's citizens. It is truly pathetic. We need a leader who cares, who stands for it's own and who stands for righteousness and truth (and that does not limit this person to religion).

  2. I wrote to Bibi to ask him to air drop medical supplies into Gaza. For the civilians to use. I believe it is the right thing to do, that it is merciful and in no way constitutes being kind to the cruel.
    I also asked Bibi to bomb the complete "Target Bank" of terrorist targets and to destroy Hamas.

  3. It's a shame that in this era, the Jew is completely ignorant of Jewish law and not understanding true ethics which can only come from Hashem. Today war is being waged where kindness to the enemies is more important than victory and protection of our own. Unless there is fear of Heaven and not man's rationale of understanding of what is right and good because what's considered kind today can be considered cruel and vice/versa tomorrow. The 'Jewish' state acting in such an unJewish way is sinful; only by following the Torah, can there be real victory. Never before has war been waged with the idiocy which it is being waged today, putting the righteous Jewish soldiers in harm's way instead of going all out to destroy the enemy.

  4. What is most mystical about Akiva's diatribe is how it ignores Halachah: Israel, the Jewish state, is bound by the treaties it has signed and the laws that emanate from them. So while it may relieve a little emotional pressure to rant about killing everyone the fact is that the secular state's behaviour, in targeting its response and limiting casualties as far as possible, is behaving in accordance with the practical Halacha. How ironic.

  5. Re the treaty Hoshua signed with the Gibeonites, Rambam wrote, "It is prohibited to lie [or breach] in treaties" (Hilchot Melachim 6:3). The Radvaz explains that breaking one's treaties is a "profanation of G-d's name". The Ralbag, however, in his commentary to Joshua 9:15m says the incident teaches us that treaties must be honoured because the Jewish nation swore to observe its obligations and the goyim would think that the Jewish People did not believe in G-d if they don't take their promises seriously. The Radak suggests (in his commentary to Joshua 9:7) another reason why the treaty with the Gibeonites was honoured i.e. to avoid the (incorrect) perception that the Jews were the breakers of the treaty (because most outsiders wouldn't have realised that the treaty was really void).
    The end result is the same: treaties are basically binding according to Halachah. (See also Talmud Babli, Gittin 45b-46a, on why treaties made in error might still be binding.)

  6. ...all of the above is why we're NOT supposed to make treaties with the nations around us...AT ALL.


    CDG, Yerushalayim


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