Monday, August 04, 2014

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Belgium Teaches Us a Lesson

Belgium Teaches Us a Lesson

 by Reb Gutman Locks

     Last week in Belgium, a doctor refused a 90-year-old Jewish woman treatment for a very painful, fractured rib. He told her to go to Gaza for treatment. There were two other similar incidents there that week. A clothing store owner told an Orthodox Jewish woman that he would not sell to her, nor to any other Jew because of the Gaza war, and a café owner posted a sign in his window saying that dogs were allowed in the café, but Jews or Zionists were not.

     Their hatred cannot be called anti-Zionism, nor is it simply anti-Israel. Their vivid hatred should not be called antisemitism either.

     The facts of the Gaza war should defend Israel, not accuse us. If it were any other country being attacked by rockets, no one would condemn them for fighting back. The many pictures of arab terrorists using small children as shields show why arab children have been killed, but these facts are ignored. The hatred that is feeding the anti-Israel marches around the world cannot just be anti-Israel. The facts do not allow it. It must be something deeper.

     Their blind hatred cannot be called anti-Zionism either, because even the Koran says that G-d gave this land to the Jewish people, and that we would return to it. So no Muslim could possibly be against what the Koran writes. It must be something deeper than anti-Zionism.

     As for antisemitism, this seems to be such a polite way of saying that someone has negative feelings toward Semites, but what is going on around the world is not simply a negative feeling towards Semites. It is open vile Jew Hatred!

     That 90-year-old Woman in Belgium has nothing to do with Gaza. She has probably never even set foot in Israel, and certainly has no plans to settle in the Land. So that doctor's hatred of her cannot be called anti-Israel, or anti-Zionism. The same is most likely true for the other Jews in Belgium who are being denied services because they are Jews. They are not hated because they are Zionists. They are not despised by people who do not even know them because they are Israelis. They are hated simply because they are Jews.

     These haters consider all Jews to be a despicable one. And you know Who else says something, somewhat like this? Hashem. G-d also says that we are one, but He calls us beloved.

     Whenever a Jew does something, no matter where he or she is, and no matter what that deed is, the Jewish people are credited with that deed.

     What's the point? These evil people can teach the majority of us a wonderful lesson. We Jews are one. We are a single body, and the more they hate us, the more we must love each other. Our love for one another is our defense against their vile hatred. If you want to protect Jews in danger, then do something about this love today. Show your love for each other in overt ways, even a simple smile helps. Be kind and generous to one another and this will strengthen and protect Jews all over the world.

     Have an easy fast



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