Sunday, July 06, 2014

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What Are These?

What Are These?

 by Reb Gutman Locks

     What is this very small thing that I am holding? If I put on my glasses I see that it is a tiny bird feather. But if I take off my glasses, and look at that feather with a microscope, I would see that it is not what I thought it was when I was looking at it without the microscope.

     If the microscope could be strong enough, I would not see a feather at all; instead, I would see zillions of molecules and 99.9% empty space. If I could adjust the microscope even further, I would no longer see molecules, but rather, I would see that each molecule is actually being made up of zillions of atoms and 99.9% empty space. If I could keep going, and going, I would ultimately come to nothing…, to empty space!

     The physical universe is being formed out of nothing. Hashem's will creates a "gravity-type energy" which holds, and forms itself into matter. That matter is then formed into the myriad shapes and sizes that we see. If Hashem would release that gravitation attraction, all matter would instantly "unfold". Everything would revert back to nothing. Not even dust would remain.

     Even though the physical universe is being made out of nothing, and some day will revert to nothing, it is something now, and it has a purpose. In order to succeed in this Universe we have to use these objects that we find here for holy purposes. Then, when our bodies revert to dust, and our memory fades to nothing, we take the holiness that we were able to reveal while we were here along with us as we move on to the next, entirely spiritual world.

     Oh, that picture…is it a picture of the molecules that make up the feather that I was holding? It looks like it, but actually, it is a picture of stars, far away in deep outer space, and they too are being made out of nothing.


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