Monday, July 28, 2014

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A commentor wrote, in response to Reb Gutman’s “This is Why”…

you are attempting to rationalize GENOCIDE! What a good jew! of course when the shoe was on the other foot "see WW2" the jews were singing a different tune!
Now they "the jews" are the aggressors, they STEAL LAND and have no qualms MURDERING MEN/WOMEN/CHILDREN whatsoever in doing so!
You can't spin your way out of this,.. EVERYONE see's the CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY! Sure the jewish owned media and talking heads will try to spin the GENOCIDE the way you're attempting to but IT WON'T WORK!
Remember, PALESTINE existed LONG before the country now called israel came into existence! the UN and Britain gave land to the jews, they had absolutely no right to give anyone's land away!! After 1948, the jews lied and MURDERED to STEAL the Palestinians land.. it's been going on now for over 60+ years.. now VERY LITTLE of Palestine exists because of the ONGOING THEFT!

Wow, someone is feeling upset.

We could argue simple facts, like “Genocide? Give me a break!  1,000 dead in Gaza is certainly a tragedy, though a self-inflicted easy avoidable one (how to avoid? don’t fire rockets or attack the country next store.)  But regardless, Gaza has a population growth rate of 2.91%, the 13th highest in the world.  From 2010 to 2014 the population increased from 1.6 million to 1.8 million.  IF this is a “genocide”, it’s the most incompetent ineffective genocide ever!”

We could argue straightforward history… “PALESTINE existed LONG before the country now called israel came into existence”.  Simply wrong. No country called Palestine has EVER existed.  Going backwards, the country of the territory identified as either the Land of Israel or Palestine has been (in most recent to historical):

- 1967 – present & future - Modern State of Israel
- 1948 – 1967 - Modern Israel + parts by Egypt (Gaza), parts by Jordan (West Bank & East Jerusalem), and parts by Syria (Golan Heights)
- 1920 – 1948 - British
- 1517 – 1920 – Ottoman (Turkish) Empire
- 1260 – 1517 – Mamluk (Egyptian) Empire
- 1099 – 1260 – Crusaders (European)

- 636 – 1099 – Caliphate from Medina then from Damascus (Saudi Arabia then Syria)
- 390 – 611 – Holy Roman / Byzantine Empire (Turkish)
- 6 – 390 – Roman Empire (Italy)
- 690 BCE – 6 – Historical Israel, 2nd Temple Period
… and back, Persian/Babylonian period (Iran), then Historical Israel, 1st Temple Period.

NO Palestine in that list.

We could argue comparisons… over 150,000 dead civilians in Syria AT THE SAME TIME as current events, but that’s just a civil war not genocide???  The U.S. killed over 100,000 civilians in taking control of Iraq, “acceptable collateral damage” but not genocide? (or unacceptable civilian casualties???)

But to try to make sense, use logic or facts is irrelevant for someone who feels like you do.  So here’s the deal…

G-d gave Israel to the Jewish people.  It’s written in the Torah, in the Bible, and even in the Quran.  Whether you like it or not, believe it is justified or not, whether you consider them interlopers (I consider you the same) or not,  there is now a nation of Israel with millions of people living there.  They are not leaving, and they will defend their lives and country.  If you attack them, they are going to fight back. This is going to lead to death and destruction.  You may hope that it will be their death and destruction, but so far (thank G-d) that hasn’t been the case. 

You can accept that and try to figure out how to live with them as your neighbor.  You may choose to cooperate with them to your mutual benefit, or ignore them and try to get by with whatever resources or relationships your territory has available.  In either case you can then go about living your life to the best you can within the territory which you have, and nobody will bother you or hurt you or attack you.

But if you make war, you are going to get war.  And war is hell, and even with the best of intentions lots of civilians die and are harmed.  Lots of property is destroyed.  And lives are disrupted.  Don’t like it, don’t do it!

Literally as I am writing this a rocket was fired DURING A CEASE FIRE REQUESTED FOR EID AL-FITR by Hamas.  You expect and demand a ceasefire for your religious holiday and then fire rockets at us during YOUR REQUESTED CEASEFIRE?  And then scream GENOCIDE and religious persecution when we respond?

Stop trying to kill us and choose life. 


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