Tuesday, July 08, 2014

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A Young Jewish Wise-Guy

A Young Jewish Wise-Guy

by Reb Gutman Locks 


    This American Jewish boy walked by yesterday. I laughed when I saw his tee-shirt. 

     After I took the picture, he said, "That'll cost you a shekel!"

    "For what!?" I shot back, pretending to complain.

     He said, "You took my picture, so that'll cost you a shekel!"

     "A shekel? It's only worth half a shekel!"

     He held out his hand. I gave him a shekel.

     He took it and pointed to one of the poor guys sitting there looking for tzedaka (charity) "I wanted to give tzedaka, but I didn't have any money."

     He gave the coin to the beggar, and walked away. A real, Jewish wise-guy.

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