Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Yes, Hypocracy is a Problem

מִדְּבַר שֶׁקֶר תִּרְחָק

Distance Yourself from Falsehood a.k.a. don’t lie.

“Of all the negative (not allowed things) mitzvot in the Torah, the only thing that G‑d directly commands us to avoid is falsehood.”

We all lie, nobody is perfect.  But with a direct commandment otherwise, we certainly should be working to avoid it.  Even the rabbi may be caught in a lie, again nobody is perfect – not even the rabbi.

But when an orthodox Jewish charity organization makes it their OFFICIAL POLICY and APPROACH to lie, they not only blacken the name of their organization, they create a Chilul Hashem – a desecration of G-d’s name – because they create distrust in EVERY orthodox Jewish organization and every Jewish charity organization.  “If we can’t trust or believe in the good guys, how can we believe anything we hear?”

Welcome to the age of media and Photoshop.

(Life in Israel) The Gadol HaDor, HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, is upset about a doctored photo of him used by a tzedaka (charity) organization.  Rav Kanievsky recently went to Kever Rachel (the tomb of Rachel) to daven (pray). The haredi paparazzi were calling it a historic visit, as he has not be there in probably close to 50 years. Rav Chaim Kanievsky went to Kever Rachel and davened. Beautiful. Inspiring, perhaps.

The following photo on the left is the original photo of Rav Kanievsky davening at the kever, while on the right you will see the doctored photo of Rav Kanievsky davening and supposedly holding a paper from the tzedaka organization as if he is davening for them and for their list of names of sick people or needy people.

? But this is charity, don’t the ends justify the means? … Not in Judaism.

? But it’s just a little white lie. … I don’t even know what that means.  A senior religious figure was misrepresented as supporting something which he does not.  How is that little?

So we have learned, with definitive proof…

-> It doesn’t matter what someone says the rabbi said, if you didn’t personally hear the rabbi say it, don’t believe it!

-> It doesn’t matter what picture of the rabbi you see, if you didn’t personally see the rabbi WITH YOUR OWN EYES, don’t believe it!

-> It doesn’t matter what the official rabbinic pronouncement says, if you didn’t personally see the rabbi sign it, don’t believe it! “Kol Koreh” and “Daas Torah” can be ASSUMED to be neither!

-> Can you trust it if you see a video / Youtube of it?  Well, I haven’t heard of a forgery of a rabbinic video yet.  Undoubtedly coming soon.

Thank you Jewish Charity.  Your hypocrisy for a good cause may have had more serious negative affects than you expected.  Aveyrot (sins) sometimes end up that way.  How much more so when it’s a public organization, a service organization, a charitable organization, a religious organization, a Jewish organization.

I’m disgusted. Hashem Yishmor.


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