Sunday, June 22, 2014


U.S. and Iran “Now Partners”?

A reader from a Muslim country sent me this right as things started heating up in Iraq…  (I’ve adjusted the terminology and corrected language for our readers.)

Akiva, you made a brief mention about Basra (Iraq), which someone explained to me is from the biblical prophets (Yeshayahu 63:1).  Did you see the news (only published from Arab news sources) that Turkey has evacuated their diplomatic personnel from Basra and recommended their citizens leave Iraq? 

(New reports now state that foreign companies are evacuating their oil workers from Basra as well.  What makes this strange is that Basra is in Southern Iraq, far past the northern areas where the Islamic Army ISIS is operating, far from Baghdad, and in Shia controlled territory – people who would strongly fight against ISIS for cultural reasons.  Why is Turkey and now foreign companies evacuating Basra???)

U.S. President Obama is very close to the Shi'ites. I can’t imagine him helping the Sunnis. (Islam is divided into Sunni and Shi’a sects – and they don’t like each other, not one little bit.) President Obama will side with Iran (which is Shi’a). This is only a human assumption. God has His own Plans.

When Obama first became president of the United States, I remember Ahmadinajab, the president of Iran at the time, spoke that in the shi'ite religious books it is written that a thin tall black man will head the strongest or a very strong western nation and he will spread Islam to the West. And it is happening that way!

The same religious texts say this person will welcome the Madhi (the Shi’a Islam version of Moshiach, though this “version” destroys the world in fire to cleanse it for the creation of a perfect world for Muslims).  It seems to me that Obama feels he is this person, and the Iranians also feel he is this person!

Therefore, although Iran has been calling the U.S. their enemy for a generation, and the U.S. has been treating Iran as their enemy for a generation, watch for them suddenly to be working together!!!

NEWSFLASH from this morning (Indian Express) – US, Iran, longtime enemies, now potential partners

“Secretary of State John Kerry, heading to the Mideast this weekend to discuss Iraq’s stability, has fueled talk about U.S.-Iranian cooperation. He said early last week that the Obama administration was open to discussions with Tehran if the Iranians help end the violence in Iraq and restore confidence in the Baghdad government.”


  1. Obama is Christian and I have not seen one bit of credible evidence to the contrary. If you have such evidence, let's see it.

    We are now in a situation where (1) the US opposes ISIS because we don't want another radical Sunni state in the middle east (2) Iran opposes ISIS for the same reason. So given that the US and Iranian interests align for the first time in generations, are we to work together or oppose each other? If the US is hands off in this conflict (maybe the best approach) does that leave Iran with a free hand to increase its power and influence in the region?

  2. D. Schwarz: With all due respect Obama is a Muslim. He may have "changed" the outer garb, but inside he is still the same.
    Som argue that gov't is his god. That, too is a reasonable argument, yet really he still is Muslim.


  3. Why Bush Sr.'s 1991 Gulf War? To Protect Iranian Islamism.
    Like father, like son: this is also the purpose of Bush Jr.'s war.

  4. How the U.S. & Iran have Cooperated to Sponsor Muslim Terror

    (And this while loudly denouncing
    one another in public...)

  5. Years ago, Zalmay Khalilzad, who became the US envoy to Iraq, revealed the US strategy behind the first Gulf War...
    Strengthen Iran, Contain Iraq...
    by Jared Israel

  6. I wonder when the headlines will read something different from what we are getting accustom to. Something like;


    Thousands are flocking to Jerusalem to assist in the construction of G-ds house. There are several reports that world leaders are condeming this action and strongly urge PM Netanyahu to put a stop to this. Abbas has called for a 3rd intifada to prevent this by all means possible.

    In just 3 hours, the number of people assisting in the construction has increased to over 100,000. Flights from all over the world are filled and enroute with people wanting to help build the Temple.

    The Pope has strongly urged for the people to refrain from building the Temple as this will destablize the region.

  7. Dan,

    The article doesn't say Obama is a Muslim, nor do I believe he is. I also don't believe he's a practicing Christian.

    However he decides with what countries with which to build positive relationships is his presidential choice. As is the choice of where to or not to apply US power.

    But his choices have been working out remarkably poorly. At least in my opinion.

  8. Phillip,

    The Bush's were undoubtedly arabists, with significant historical family business ties and relationships with Sunni oil men. That showed in their choices.

    Obama's choices are significantly different, and show support for Shia arabs.

  9. Well, part of my breaking news headline is happening. To bad it's not because the Temple is being built. There is no better time to start building then right now. There won't be enough space in the jails if they wanted to arrest people.

  10. Obama is not xtian, and is a latent Muslim, as testified to by the ring he wears with the Hadith prayer thereon (or part of it). Also he is bi-.......... He took the Islamic oath as a very young man. Once said he cannot go back on it.


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