Thursday, June 12, 2014


The Mitzvah I Ignored to my Peril (3), I Think I'm Dying

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

At 70 pounds overweight and completely sedentary, I’ve given up.  There is nothing I can do.  I already eat healthy.  But the medical complications have been building up until I’m no longer fully functional.  And the worries of reaching the point of being non-functional, not able to work or go to synagogue – very very real.  I've upped my life insurance and health coverage, I'm only middle aged but it seems only a matter of time.  I'm resigned, hopefully something will take me out quick before the compounding health symptoms fully disable me.

The doctor yells at me.  We try an appetite suppressant, very expensive, no affect.  He says maybe stomach banding surgery, a co-worker had it and it failed after 9 months.  Doesn't seem like a good options.  Besides, I'm not THAT overweight.  (Yes this is contradictory from the paragraph above, who said feelings make sense.)

A month ago there was an article in the Ami magazine reviewing a book called Year Of No Sugar.  Accompanying that review was an article about a fellow in similar shape to me who’s blood sugars spiked destroying his kidneys.  My age, my health status, on his death bed surviving (barely) via dialysis.

My blood sugar has been creeping up, my negative symptoms increasing in intensity in line with increasing weight.  250 pounds, the heaviest I’ve been in my life.  Not only could it be me, EVERY SYMPTOM HE DESCRIBED I HAVE!  I broke into a cold sweat on Shabbos, maybe it is me!  Maybe it’s too late and I just don’t know it yet!!! be continued.


  1. Finish the story, you're scaring me!

  2. I know, broccoli! All those bugs. Well, you can buy bug free in Israel. Definitely no white sugar, or any sugar at all. Maybe a pinch os honey or maple syrup. And no Agave syrup.

    Also exercise every day. Limit computer use to a specific amt of time. Daily half hour walks in am and aftn (evening).

    It will take time, but little by little you will lose weight and begin to feel better.

    It's imperative what you eat, and certain vitamins will also help. But you must be chemically tested to assess the levels of ALL the vitamins, minerals in your system.

    Water is vital to help detox. No processed juices.

    There's more.

  3. Akiva, you're not at all mentioning exersise. How often do you WALK? And for how long? A 20 - 30 min walk 4 times a week can help stabilize sugar more than any diet. It's best if you break up a sweat. Are you able to walk for 20 min. non stop?

  4. Have a look at the latest trend in US diets which is called Intermittent Fasting - chazal wrote it in the talmud, shabbos yud amud alef if I'm not mistaken - lately rediscovered by Ori Hofmekler with his "warrior" diet.

    Cut all sugars and grains. But have "some" fruits. Have some nuts like brazil nuts, pecan nuts, hazelnut nuts, macadamia nuts..

    Eat 80% of vegetables (blended is faster and easier to eat) and mostly in their raw state. I'm sure R. Locks could show you how easy it is to grow some healthy and delicious sprouts :-)

    Also, I kindly advise you to restrict all meat and bread products only for shabbos (that's one of my oneg shabbos), at least during a certain time so you can lose weight easily and fast.

    I'm no nutritionist but I know it this is a good diet. Otherwise I can only pray for you and hope you'll on the right dietary track soon enough! Do not give up!

  5. You write:
    "But the medical complications have been building up until I’m no longer fully functional. "

    STUPID SUGGESTION: STOP the medications - I'll bet you'll start feeling great as soon as your system manages to clean itself of all that garbage that's been accumulating all over your body. Medications are not food, my friend. Pills do not a meal make. They are poison - to put it quite bluntly. Toxic stuff. HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU EXPECT TO BE HEALTHY ON CRAP LIKE THAT TOXIFYING YOUR BODY EVERY DAY!

    It's time for more people to get this!

    Go clean of meds and you're bound to feel much better when enough of that toxicity liberates from your body. Detoxification takes time, nevertheless, but the patient stand much to gain if they persist.

    God gave you a body that can heal itself - if only you allow it to do so!

  6. I've heard that people overeat because their body is craving something that is lacking. Among us who dress modestly and work indoors, it is next to impossible to get enough Vitamin D from sunshine and doctors say dietary sources are also not enough. It is standard practice here to test Vit D levels in the bloodwork. Google Vitamin D deficiency and see what it does to people. In addition to eliminating white sugar and wheat flour and implementing strict portion control (and regular exercise), look into taking about 1200IU of Vitamin D-3 supplements and just see if you can tell a difference. I did.

  7. "stomach banding surgery" - what a laugh. The stomach wall adapts to heavy food intake by stretching, and, conversely, with small meals, puckers up.

    So how long will "banding" last? Till the next few big meals.

    Don't doctors know this? They should - except that the surgery, minor as it is, brings money into the hospital coffers and also fills a hospital bed.

    See how out of whack the mindset of people who even give such crackpot ideas serious consideration?

    All a heavy-set person really needs to do is resolve to eat less. It's a psychological challenge - and should not be a medical issue.


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