Tuesday, June 17, 2014

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Praying for the Kidnapped Students

Praying for the Kidnapped Students


by Reb Gutman Locks


     What does G-d want from us? Why does He bring these horrible disasters to us? The three Jewish boys who have been kidnapped by terrorists are righteous young yeshiva students. Certainly, they did not do anything so evil to deserve this kind of punishment. Why, then did G-d bring this horrible thing to Israel?

     When such a shocking thing happens, look to see what comes next, and then you will begin to see why Hashem brought it. What has been the across-the-board Jewish reaction to this disaster? Jews have come together, to pray, to console, and to express dismay over the plight of these boys.

     It seems obvious that this is what Hashem wanted from us, and maybe if we all come together now wherever we are, He will be overwhelmed by our love for one another, and He will immediately release the boys unharmed.

     If we give G-d what He wants, He will not have to give us such horrible reasons to react.

     It won’t cost anything to try, and it certainly will strengthen us wherever we are.  



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