Tuesday, June 24, 2014

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 by Reb Gutman Locks

     What is so wrong with being obese?

     Okay, so it's not healthy…, but lots of things people do are not healthy.

     Okay, so you have to spend a lot of extra money to be that way, money that you could use elsewhere. But it's your money to spend as you see fit, and if you want spend it that way…, then what's so bad about it?

     Okay, so you have to carry those 50, 70, or even more extra pounds around with you wherever you go…, but it's your choice, and if you think that it's worth it, then what is so wrong about it?

     So what if you look selfish, and some might even say that you begin to look like one of the unclean animals when you are obese, but if you don't mind…, what is really so bad about it?


     For me, even worse than all these things, is to lose out on the blessing that Hashem promised us when He gave us the "good Land"; a Land so good that we; "…will eat and be satisfied and bless Hashem your G-d…"[i]

     The obese person does not receive this blessing even if he lives in Israel.

     How sad. He is eating, but he does not become satisfied. He has to eat more, and more, and even more, until he is stuffed…, until he cannot stuff any more. He wears himself out eating, but he does not become satisfied. He has to stop eating for now, but very soon he begins to think about the next time when he will be able to eat again.

     If he were blessed with this blessing he would be easily satisfied. He would enjoy his food so much that he would not have to eat more than his body requires. How sad that he is rejecting this blessing from his Creator, and in a way that everyone can see, too. I wonder why?


[i] Deuteronomy 8:10


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