Thursday, June 12, 2014

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Newsflash: Iraq Collapsing, the edge of prophecy

- Islamic militants captured Iraq’s second largest city Mosul yesterday.

- Iraqi armed forces crumbled, abandoning the fight, their bases, and huge amounts of U.S. provided military hardware included armored vehicles and even some military aircraft.  The militants are now equipped as well as a national army.

- The Islamic militants also reportedly captured the city’s banks, acquiring over $400 million.  They are now funded as well as many national armies.

- In Kirkuk, a northern city of oil production not too far from Mosul, the Iraqi army either withdrew or fled from the city and oil facilities.  Kurdish forces (Kirkuk borders Kurdish areas) moved in taking over.

- World oil prices have jumped 2% on the news, more to come depending on how the details work out.

- Captured US equipment is now streaming into Syria to assist the Islamic militants fight against the Syrian government.

- Reports say the Iraqi government requested U.S. help (there are no U.S. military forces in Iraq) in the form of air strikes (U.S. does have air force resources based in other nearby Arab countries) – even requesting the U.S. strike the Iraqi army bases to destroy the equipment.  The U.S. did not provide the requested air strikes.

- The militants have reportedly also taken Faluja and Tikrit, cities that are near Baghdad – the country’s capital.  It also puts them near a major Iraqi oil facility.

In summary, a trans-national Islamic militant force has taken control of parts of Syria and Iraq, taken control of a large stash of U.S. military equipment, and is positioned to possibly take control of the capital city of Iraq.

Syria is fighting these guys, as is Hezbollah, both doing so with the assistance of Iran.  Jordan is reinforcing it’s borders, with the assistance of over 6,000 U.S. troops.  Israel is also reinforcing it’s northern border, and there has been some cross border sniping from the Syrian side (by Syrian troops or militants is unknown).

…and Gog comes to Basra, the southern Iraqi city.  Certainly out of reach for anything other than a well equipped well funded well experienced military force.  Oh wait.

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  1. You know who was effective at keeping Islamic militants under control in Iraq? Saddam Hussein.

    Now that he's gone, the US is not going to spend more blood and treasure on invasions and perpetual occupation of middle eastern countries.

    The Alewites in Syria are going to fight the Islamists to the death. They have no choice. Turkey is going to fight the PKK. Sunnis and Shiites are going to fight each other. Let them. The Sykes-Picot map of the Middle East is vanishing before our eyes. No point trying to save it.

    The US is now the top natural gas producer in the world. We should help defend our allies in the Middle East - Israel, Jordan, and maybe Egypt - and otherwise stay out of the whole mess.


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