Sunday, June 15, 2014


Jewish Children Kidnapped, Western Media Ignores

There’s BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG important critical news in the world today.  Let’s make sure we’ve got our priorities straight…

- World Cup soccer is in progress.  Go (whatever your favorite team is)!  Watch the beautiful game at it’s best!  Now THIS is what’s really important!

- Hillary Clinton’s book tour, as a prelude to a presidential candidacy in 2 years, is looking like a failure.  OMG, how did that happen?  She blew an interview, how could it be?  Her book didn’t make number 1 on the book list, is it possible?  These and other critical Hillary questions (such as how she could let her adult daughter wear leather pants) are definitely the key headline of the day!

- Oh by the way, some Ukrainian military transport jet was shot down killing around 50, and Ukrainians are burning down the Russian embassy.

- Something about Iraq and an Islamic Militant group has taken over a bunch of cities, captured masses of U.S. military equipment, and is now mass executing basically any adult male – on live video.  Eh, mass executions, too messy for news reports.  The world doesn’t care anyway, certainly no one cares enough to do anything about it (even as much as dropping a few bombs). 

- And a side note, down in the little text at the end of the news page, about children being kidnapped by terrorists in Israel, with the posted support (if not actual participation) of Hamas and Fatah=Palestinian Authority.   Minor news far away, no concerns of ours.

Good to know the modern media has it’s priorities straight.


  1. "Western Media?" If you mean the New York Times, surely you've seen this article from 6/13, and this article from 6/15. That's not a little text at the end of the news page. The 6/15 article was front page on the World News section of the NYT website - below articles on ISIS and Ukraine, but on the front page as standalone articles.

  2. I think it is important to look at what was/is going on in Eretz Yisrael at the time of the kidnapping.

    Tel Aviv displaying the largest toevah gathering ever.

    Jerusalem opening of a sandy beach-like area at the Old Train Station for their Shabbat (l'havdil) experience.

    These boys represent all that is good, pure, and a Torah lifestyle. These are always the qualities highlighted as the ikkar of these type of messages. The very opposite of a new escalation of deterioration in Israeli society.


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