Thursday, June 26, 2014

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Illegal Israeli Apartheid Fence! wait…

Had a bit of a Twitter argument yesterday with some pro-Palestinian propagandists, or rather, dupes.  I say that because they throw out propaganda lines by the dozen, but fall back in horror when presented with some facts.

Today I sent out this, which surprised me with a Twitterlanche started off by Roseanne Bar (TV personality in the US)…


After going through many retweets, someone picked it up and ran with it…



I don’t even know where Melilla is!

Of course there has to be some nasty responses, though some were so weird I don’t even know what to make of them…


Preventing unlimited immigration into a country is the same as concentration camps???  Seriously?  Seriously wacked.

No country in the world allows unlimited entry (unless they are unable to control their borders, a failed state, or hidden inside the European Union.)


Umm, no.  I drive through some of these “borders” regularly.  No tanks or dead bodies.  Yet another reading too much propaganda.  Although anywhere in the world where people attack borders, they tend to be defended.  We call that NORMAL and an INTERNATIONAL NORM.  (The U.S. Southern border seems to be an weird exception at the moment.)


Huh?  I note this person is from Australia, which has no land borders.  But note Australia strictly controls entry and immigration, and patrols the seas to prevent illegal immigration from Indonesia.  I wonder why they choose to stay there and not de-segregate into Congo or Indonesia?  Perhaps they like living in a first world country with it’s economy and safety and societal standards?

For some reason people expect Israel to run open borders, allow any and all to enter, take advantage of the society Israelis have built, and kill or kidnap the Jews with impunity whenever it strikes their fancy.  I have problem with that. 

When the unicorns come to keep the peace and provide for all, and the fairies built all the needed homes and infrastructure, I guess we can open all parts of the world to all humans.  Might be a while until then.


ANTI-SEMITE!  Yelling doesn’t make it so.  And ignoring the facts makes you IGNORANT!

Boy, Twitter is fun.  And a time waster.

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