Monday, May 05, 2014

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Who Cares to Remember?

Who cares to remember?  Who mourns for the fallen or remembers their sacrifice?  Who walks their streets and keeps in mind those who shed blood, lost limbs and lives, to protect?

We have forgotten in the West.  Thomas Jefferson wrote “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, but in this time the few protect the many.  Few bleed and sacrifice, and they do so far away.  The barbarians are not at the doorsteps.  Even the organizations such as Veterans of Foreign Wars indicate the concept is distant…foreign.

In Israel it is different.  A modern society and economy, with every modern convenience, is besieged.  The murderers attempt to infiltrate, the barbarians plan their attacks, and the defenders must remain vigilant. 

All too many have fallen, the defenders of life.  They leave behind the loved wife, and cherished children, the devastated parents and brothers and sisters, their lives never the same again.

Yet without their sacrifice this place would run red with blood.  Millions would be slaughtered, human life would be worthless.  Civilization would fall into ruins and those who remained would live in darkness.  One merely look north to the war in Syria to see.

There are those who call civilization fragile, cracking and breaking under threat and attack.  The defenders of life make it strong, standing against the darkness.

They sacrifice not because they have to, but because someone must.

Today we say: we remember, we appreciate, thank you.


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