Friday, May 02, 2014

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The Realizations of the Righteous Man and bond with God

The realizations of the Righteous Man and bond with God are not only in words but in actions.

We have and had a large number of Rabbis as (The Rebbe, R 'Menachem Mendel Schneerson (of blessed memory) as well as Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum, David-Yits'haq Trauttman, Rabbi Moshe Weiner, Rabbi J. Immanuel Schochet, Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, Harav Ginsburgh, Rabbi Yakov D. Cohen, among others) who made a campaign to teach and spread the Noahide Code for the world in general. May we all follow their good examples to learn and bring more people closer to God and His Commandments.

When the Seven Laws of Noah be applied to a larger number of individuals to follow and observe the Divine Commandments to fear and love Hashem, there will be increasing real bond to love and respect all human beings and other living beings, and take care of planet earth that the Creator created for ourselves and for future generations.

True love, justice, truth, responsibility and kindness for creatures are something forgotten, dormant in the minds and hearts and it takes a lot of effort, dedication, and hard work on the part of each of us to remember, practice what God wants us, bringing heaven to earth, leaving aside our pride, arrogance, status, and all sorts of absolutely material pleasures. When a particle of hatred is in our hearts, we will fail. Here there is room only for Love. The Glory is the Lord of Hosts, Whom we serve, and everything is in His Hands. "Thank the Lord, for He is good: 'His grace lasts forever!'" (Psalm 118:1).

Jornal Mitsvá

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  1. TRUTH versus BELIEFS

    Each and every day I pray for truth, not for myself, but for all mankind. In a world that is filled with deceit, corruption, wars, several different religions, hunger, and sickness, it seems all we can look for is truth. For some reason the truth seems to be hidden, I simply ask why? In my opinion, truth should always be there, truth should always be an option so that free will is exactly that, free will. If a child is born into a religion, and is raised in that religion, and it is wrong, does this take free will out of the picture? If that child only knows what his/her parents teach, will they ever have the true option of free will? All those with religion truly believe what they follow, but we all know several are wrong, but who is right? I simply ask, what is the responsibility of G-d when it comes to truth, should not there be, at all times, truth available? If you were G-d, what would you do? What if, what you follow is in fact wrong? What about those who have passed on, were wrong in their beliefs? What if they were strictly taught that their belief was right, but was actually wrong? Does this not question true free will? We know during the Exodus, even while G-d was present for all to witness, there was still a falling away, but truth was present at that time and people had the right to choose, if in fact, this was truth. What about those who want to choose right? Shouldn’t truth always be there? We know there will be people who fall away, but at least free will is truly that, Free Will.


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