Sunday, May 11, 2014

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The Courage (and sacrifice) to Serve

Several years ago my air force daughter wrote several articles about her choice (as an ultra-orthodox young lady) to serve in the Israeli Air Force – to stand up and defend her Land and her people.

A few of these articles plus some additional material was merged together by a wonderful editor at Jewish Action magazine and published early last year.  Due to it’s timing at the beginning of the draft law conflict in Israel (though my daughter had ended her service by the time the article came out), it got quite a bit of attention.

She was just notified the article has won two awards.  Here a link to the article, in the form it appeared in the print magazine - PDF Link.

The American Jewish Press Association
33rd Simon Rockower Awards
2014 Awards (for articles published in 2013)

Category 3: Award for Excellence in Personal Essay
Division A. Newspapers 15,000 circulation and over; all Magazines; Web-Based Outlets.

First Place

Jewish Action (Orthodox Union), New York, NY
"The Courage to Serve: A Chareidi Girl in the IDF" by Fayga  M  - PDF Link

Category 14: Award for Excellence in Writing About Women

Second Place

Jewish Action (Orthodox Union), New York, NY
"The Courage to Serve: A Chareidi Girl in the IDF" by Fayga M - PDF Link

Comments: Fayga marches to her own beat. Who knows which camp she shocked more: the Haredi community or the military, by joining the IDF? She served well while also staying true to herself and values, maintaining kashrut and wearing long skirts. No doubt her quiet example led many secular compatriots to take another look at Judaism, The Religion -- or at least, to take a more respectful stance -- while her bravery in joining the IDF must have been thought-provoking back home. I only wish I could learn more about her life post-IDF.


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