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The Challenge of Mashiach

by an anonymous friend…

From Kol HaTor Ch. 2/ Part 2:2

a1The general duty of the two messiahs, Mashiach ben Yosef and Mashiach ben David, together throughout the generations, is defense and war against the three chiefs of impurity - Esau, Ishmael and the erev rav, the "mixed multitude." Mashiach ben Yosef’s special duty is confronting Esau, the impurity of the left. That of Mashiach ben David is confronting Ishmael, the impurity on the right.  And together they work against Esau and Ishmael, the ox and donkey of impurity.

The mating of Esau and Ishmael comes through Armelius, angelic prince of the erev rav, and it can destroy Israel and the whole world, Heaven help us! The main striving of the erev rav is to mate Esau and Ishmael and separate the two Messiahs, and our own main battle is to shatter and rout the power of the erev rav, the impurity of evil Armelius, from (klal) Israel.

The erev rav is our greatest enemy. It is what separates between the two Messiahs. Its impurity operates only via indirect deception. Hence, the war against the erev rav is the hardest and most bitter, and we must gird ourselves with our last strength toward this end. Whoever does not actively take part in the war against the erev rav automatically becomes a partner to its impurity, and whoever he is, he is better off not having been born. The main strength of the erev rav is in the gates of Jerusalem, especially at the entrance to the city on the western dividing line.

The erev rav is that part of the Jewish People intent on war against G-d and against the truth and credibility of His Torah. With them we face an uncompromising battle to the finish, and the Gra (the Vilna Gaon, zt”l) emphasized this in his call to holy war against them. When he says that whoever does not actively fight the erev rav becomes their partner and is better off never having been born, he means to warn against the distorted tolerance and groundless love which are the main impediments in this war. Rather, says the Gra, our task is to assist our Messiahs in their task, and the task of Mashiach ben Yosef is once more emphasized there:

(Chapter I:6): "The general purpose of Mashiach ben Yosef is in three things: uncovering the Torah's secrets, the ingathering of the exiles, and eradicating the spirit of impurity from the Land."   Whoever does not take part in this, strengthens the hand of those who block the way to redemption "in haste," thereby bringing upon us tragedies, grief and destruction, Heaven help us! Whoever refuses to fight them sheds blood.

It thus emerges from the study of Mashiach ben Yosef, the Inaugural Messiah and Messiah of War: I. Already at Creation, G-d prepared the Messiah (in other words, two Messiahs), as our sages said (Pesikta Rabbati, 36): What is meant by "In Your light we see light" (Ps. 36:10)? Whatever light the Congregation of Israel sees is the light of the Messiah, as it says, "G-d saw that the light was good" (Gen. I:4).

This teaches that G-d foresaw the Messiah and his deeds before the world was created, and stored him away under His throne to be Messiah to his generation.

The Soton said, "Master of the Universe! To whom does the light stored under Your throne belong?" G-d responded, "To the one who in the future will counter and humiliate you." The Soton then said, "Master of the Universe! Show him to me! G-d replied, "Come and see him." Once he saw him, he was shocked, fell on his face and said, "This is surely the Messiah who is going to push me and all the angelic princes of the nations into Hell."

I brought the rest of this Midrash previously: At that moment the nations became excited and said, "Master of the Universe! Who is this into whose hands we shall fall? What is his name? What is his nature?" G-d replied, "He is the Messiah and his name is Ephraim, My righteous Messiah."

** NO ONE should mistakenly interpret the above as some type of license for violent action within klal Yisroel – it is NOT.  As written in Kol HaTor, “he means to warn against distorted tolerance and groundless love”.  Though terms such as “war” and “battle” are used, hakol kol Yaakov, the power of Yaakov is in his voice.  Prayer, and maybe protest and politics.  Building and growing and refusing to accept the unacceptable.  THIS is a spiritual and intellectual war and is fought with the neshama and moach (soul and intellect), and by mobilizing for good deeds and steadfast stances.


  1. Please define groundless love. Thank you.

  2. “he means to warn against distorted tolerance and groundless love”.

    This is the disease that is decaying the Western world from the inside out. I believe with every fiber in my being this is the rotten fruit of xtianity where they preach love and tolerance. I read a comment one xtian made about a child molester who kidnapped, raped and murdered an 8 year old girl. He went on trial and received the death penalty. The xtian was sad about him getting the death penalty and professed Christian 'love' for the killer and stated she 'forgave' him. This is the sickness and Israel's Erev Rav government is falling prey to this distorted view so prevalent in Europe and US. That is how the Palestinians have managed to remain victims in the eyes of the world despite their obvious deception and murderous proclivities. All of Europe is suffering from this disease Sweden in particular as it is the rape capitol of Europe...though is is now against the law to say so.

    "When you are kind to the cruel you end up being cruel to the kind."


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