Thursday, May 22, 2014

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Kosher Pig? Maybe? Kosher Yoga, no way.

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths


What a strange time we live in.  Many try to mix or dilute religion and the truth, but demand to still call it the original.  How quickly we forget the lies, ignore the falsifications, refuse to confront the obvious breeches.

There are those who import Christian practices and beliefs into orthodox style Judaism.  They call it Messianic Judaism and demand that it be accepted as a mainstream traditional Jewish practice.  After all, they changed the name of their deity to a Hebrew version of his name.  And they wear a yalmulke and tallis (traditional Jewish prayer shawl). 

We say: you can’t mix oil and water, the two shall never be joined.  And you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.  And you can practice Christianity with Jewish trappings and in Hebrew, but it’s still Christianity.

They would argue: “But we are simply following and emphasizing faith, just as Breslev does!”  Indeed, Breslev chassidus is more faith oriented than other orthodox Jewish streams, but they are still fully mitzvah observant – and that includes the mitzvah to put no other G-d before yud-kay-vav-kay (Hashem).

They would argue “But we simply believe in the coming of the Messiah, just like Lubavitch does!  And that he rises from the dead, as some of Lubavitch does.”  Yes, Chabad Lubavitch chassidus has emphasized and is more “the coming of” Moshiach (Messiah) than other orthodox Jewish streams.  But they also fully hold as the Rambam, that until the Beis HaMikdash is rebuilt – others are only the “potential” Messiah.  And while the Gemora says Moshiach “can be from the dead like (the prophet) Daniel (who has the potential to be so though he has left this world)”, anyone who doesn’t complete the job (which includes bringing the world into the messianic era with world peace and the knowledge of G-d covering the land), whether he came back from the dead or not, isn’t the guy.  This is not playing with words or details, either the person delivers or he’s not the person.  (And there’s certainly nothing about not completing the job, dying, coming back to life, not completing the job, leaving, coming down from heaven or back to life again in the future – round 3?  Believe as you will, that’s simply not Jewish.)

Other’s come along with new paths.  Alien gods and ways that our father’s knew not.  And because a Jew is involved, nay a mitzvah observant Jew and a culturally orthodoxly dressed Jew, we’re supposed to simply accept that it’s ok… it’s kosher… it’s Jewish?  One simply glance should tell you, I DON’T THINK SO.


It’s called THE SUN WORSHIP position in Hindi.  But it’s kosher now, because he’s wearing a shtreimel and silk bekeshe (long black coat).  (NOT)


The teacher says “I don’t call it Sun Salutation (Sun Worship) as that would make people uncomfortable.  I call it “warm up position #1”.  Taking the body position of Hindu idols, now kosher because it’s done by Jewish orthodox women. (NOT)


Hindu and yoga hand positions are set to “prevent the leaking away of spiritual energy”.  What spiritual energy, “kundaline power” – translation, SERPENT ENERGY.  Any references to serpents in the Torah?  Genesis anyone?  But it’s kosher now, because he has a big black yalmulke and is doing it in Jerusalem. (NOT)


Here’s the thing.  They’re being intentionally provocative to get attention, to promote their program (nobody wears ones best Shabbos clothing for exercise  or during the week).  While there is nothing wrong with promoting your business, promoting it on the back of Torah or Judaism shows a lack of modesty – the opposite of Judaism.  Couples closely exercising together in public, now ok because it’s done in Shabbos clothes. (NOT)


Another wonderful example of yoga-izing in Jewish chassidic clothing.  See, it must be kosher – because I’m wearing chassidic clothes.  Hindu spiritual energy management positions – now permitted for religious Jewish when wearing black hat.  (NOT)


There are some people who may indeed get benefit from such stretching and stretch exercises.  But why keep mixing in the Hindu religious components?  IF you want to make it kosher, ONLY perform the exercise.  NO meditation, NO worship or energy positions, NO powers or chakras.  Just stretch.

Because it’s still a pig.


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