Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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There are People who Care…

x1There are people who care, who go out of their way to help others.  Some are friendly, some are those everyone turns to, some turn their drive to care into professions. 

There are people who build.  They are driven to make an organization, or a building, a town, a synagogue, they bring order out of the chaos.  They look at an open vista and see what it could be, will be if they succeed.  They are the ones who actually see opportunities, not problems.

There are people who love.  They really are worried about you, and everybody else.  They want to fix the world, but don’t know how.  But they can give a shoulder to lean on, and cry together with you.

It’s so easy to go about one’s life, the daily grind, the troubles of money or family or health, the job is tough, the commute is hell.  It’s easy to slip into survival mode, just functioning, getting by.

There are those who get it the way.  They’re not happy to see you, the customer is never right with them.  They will not overlook a single mistake on a 20 page government form, nor help you figure out how to complete it.  They’ve gone beyond survival mode, they’re not happy with where they are at, see no way out, and are going to share how they feel with everyone who comes their way.

There are those who abuse.  Positions of authority or power pushed to their max.  You may be stepped upon, or become a target.  It may be unpleasant, or worse.  They may believe they’re doing right, or you just got in the way, or trampling the little guy is their outlet. 

There are those who take advantage.  They may figure the world hasn’t given them their due, so they’re going to take it.  Or they may be damaged and are going to share their anger.

Those who care and build and love create a livable world, a place we want to be, and can bring wonderful moments to our lives.

Those who are indifferent bump into us, turn the world into a faceless machine, alienate us from life.

Those who abuse and take advantage turn the world into hell.  For their success always comes at someone else’s expense.

We choose who we will be, which direction we will follow.  Oh, we certainly have tendencies in one direction or another, and circumstances will push us further.  But we can make choices.  Make the world a better place, ignore it all, or take advantage and hurt others…

What will you do?  We make the choice by our actions EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Choose life.  Choose good.  Let us all make tomorrow…better.


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