Thursday, April 03, 2014

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Neveilut and Yosef

prophetic speculations by Dov bar Leib

Freeing terrorists for “peace” is Neveilut  (a form of reprobation)!

Efron told Avraham, "What is 400 silver shekels between you and me?" when Avraham beseeched him to purchase a family burial plot (in Hebron).

(U.S. Secretary of State) Kerry tells (Israeli Prime Minister) Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu), "What is 400 murderous thugs between you and me?" when presented with his petition to free Yehonatan (Jonathan) Pollard. Both Efron and Kerry were imbued with the dead. Efron with Avraham's dead relatives, and Kerry with those glorious Palestinian patriots who murdered Jews.

A menuval is a reprobate even if the word menuval is spelled with a Vav and neveilut is spelled with a Bet. They both represent a status of being below Mem Tet Sha'arei Tumah (below the 49th level, meaning below the level at which morality can be salvaged and raised up). A Jew who eats road kill endangers himself to the point that he might fall below Mem Tet Sha'arei tumah.

Some have speculated that because those who voted to free all the savages ate neveilut, the decision to release these savages could be made on their watch. I won't speculate on this idea because the pressure to do this was immense. It was either accept this, or you will have to deal with boycotts and sanctions last August. But for the Ba'al Kerry representing the spiritual level of his nation because of Massachusetts morality? This was a piece of cake.

And in this way, the Yosef in our time gets out of jail.

When Esav was approaching with 400 men, it was keneged the 400 shekels of silver that Avraham paid for the Ma'arat Machpelah to bury his wife and all of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs except for Rachel Imeinu. The 400 shekels in payment was an attempt by Efron the Hittite to cast an evil eye on Avraham and his descendants. It failed because of Yosef, whose mother was not even buried there. In the merit of his mother and his own pure righteousness, given his extenuating circumstances which G-d always takes into account, Yosef on his own could destroy Esav and his army of 400 men. Keep in mind that the additional 400 men is the Ba'al Kerry's idea.

This explains why when the other Shevatim bowed down before Esav in Chapter 33 of Bereishit, the wives bowed first and the children last so that Esav would have compassion on the children by first seeing their mothers. This was NOT the case with Yosef who bowed down toward Esav BEFORE his mother Rachel bowed down even if Yosef was the youngest of Ya'akov's children at the time. Ya'akov was not afraid of Esav's killing of his son Yosef because he knew that unlike the rest of his children, Esav could not destroy the seed of Yosef. And in any war between the seed of Yosef and Esav, Yosef would prevail.

On a related aside, the number one tribe in the Taliban in Afghanistan that in succeeding generations has prevailed over the British, the Russians, and now the Americans, is Yusufzai, the sons of Yosef (there is significant historical cultural history that the Taliban are descendants of tribes of Israel exiled by the Assyrians and Babylonians.)

This is key:  The Gematriah 400 is the gematriah of Ayin Ra, the Evil Eye, the eye of Amaleq.

Reb Akiva adds, the world has turned upside down in an instant.  The Russian president has declared he is making his aggressive moves to defend against facists and anti-semites, while the U.S. administration is demanding Jew mass-murderers be released and supporting unelected strong-men.


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