Tuesday, April 08, 2014

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Free Passover Koshering Guide

Artscroll is offering a free download on kashering (koshering) your kitchen for Passover.  It’s a nice guide…

Here’s the link – click for free PDF download.

A few notes of my own on reading it…

a. When they discuss using an “even-meluban” (a hot stone), I have personally seen, done myself, and have a tradition from my wife’s family, to use a normal clothing iron.  Or, to put it another way “are you going to iron your countertops this year”, yes. 

b. Chabad chassidim have a further chumra to both kasher and cover (the article discusses doing one or the other other) with a thick cover. 

c. The current “thick cover” of choice is vinyl floor tile/covering.  This choice is particularly hygienic, heat resistant, water proof, inexpensive and very easy to cut to shape.

d. On blow torching an oven to kasher it, sticking a hand blow torch with the gas bottle attached into a hot oven is CRAZY DANGEROUS.  I’m amazed I’ve never heard a story of an explosion resulting from such.  (Yes I’ve done it myself, yes it was stupid, no I would not do it again.)  The article discusses covering the inside of the oven with foil.  Another alternative I’ve seen is having a metal box insert inside the oven.  You insert food pans into the insert.  It works.

Be safe.  There are too many stories of people (especially children) getting injured during Pesach cleaning (with harsh chemicals or when boiling or torching).  Speak with your rav, don’t risk life or limb for every chumra (just for some of them :-).

Chag Kasher v’Samayach.


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