Sunday, April 20, 2014


Chabad House Attacked in the Ukraine

This past Shabbos night (Friday night April 18), the Chabad House (a Jewish community inreach organization operated world wide by Chabad Lubavitch chassidim) in Nikolaev, Ukraine, was attacked by unknown assailants with Molotov cocktails (petrol or gas bombs).  The attack was caught on camera…



Fortunately (hashgacha pratit), a passing driver saw the fire, stopped and put it out.

The Chabad Shaliach, Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb, stated it was a serious incident reaching the level of terror.

Being located in Southern Ukraine near the Black Sea and Crimea (100km from Crimea), it’s unclear but possible this is a result of Russian Nationalism and Russian rebels challenging the sovereignty of the Ukrainian government.  This also follows closely on the heels of threats to the Jewish community in Donetsk, Ukraine.


  1. "it’s unclear but possible this is a result of Russian Nationalism"

    Is there any reason to make this claim?

    It has already been established that last week's flyer was a forgery designed to make the Russian nationalists look bad. It is possible the initial success of that effort may have inspired this bombing.

    It is also possible the bombing was related to good friday and have nothing to do with the political upheaval.

  2. The leader of the pro-Russian radicals who took over Donetsk admitted it was his organization that distributed the leaflets. It was not a hoax.

  3. Whatever the source, people need to be prepared to defend themselves and not March willingly to the cattle cars.

  4. In such a messed up country I can't understand how one can plans for the future for himself or their kids.

    Jewish people from Ukraine need to make Alyah 'point'.


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