Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Bad Interpretations of Jerusalem Protest Photos

Today there were protests in Jerusalem due to the arrest and imprisonment of a Torah student who refused to report for his draft notice (refusing even to apply for an exemption).  I’ve previously written about this sad situation, with both sides over-reacting and pushing the other – resulting in social conflict and unrest.

In today’s protest, neither side understands the other – and both are demonizing the other.  Since the situation is so sad and painful, I’ve decided to caption some of the protest photos with RIDICULOUS and HUMOROUS completely inappropriate captions.  This is definitely socially unacceptable, so here goes… (bad inappropriate humor starts here)


Officer, could you hold my baby while I protest for a bit?

My wife is busy cleaning for Passover.



Chometz burning practice.  Chometz burning practice.

Practice now, get it right for Tuesday.



Hey buddy, you’ve got some mud on your pants,

hold still while I wipe it off with my riot baton.


Is he doing the happy dance?  I think he feels like a room without a roof.



Ewww, I stepped in some doody.



Oh it’s raining again, oh yeah it’s raining again.  Oh oh it’s raining again.


Oh fooey, my Chewbacca mask fell off.


Ok, who let one rip?  Yuck, what in the world did you eat?


“This is the Chometz police. 

Bring out all your leavened products and deposit them in the truck or else!”


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