Thursday, March 20, 2014


The Rumblings are Heard

by Reb Akiva @ Mystical Paths

The U.S. empire is falling.  It was not a traditional empire, lands were not under direct occupation and governance of the U.S., but it was an empire nonetheless – a soft empire.  Whether the cause is attributed to “war weariness” after Afghanistan and Iraq or excessive spending and indebtedness reducing available resources for projecting might and influence, or a new generation of leadership with no military experience and excessively liberal ideas of peace and orderliness being a natural and logical state rather than an enforced situation – the cause no longer matters, the result, however, does.

Those who would have hesitated to take action, for the risk was too high with “the world’s policeman” and her 11 nuclear powered aircraft carriers at the ready, hesitate no longer.  They act not because they “took the measure of the man and found him wanting”, though that is undoubtedly the case as when the leadership appears soft and wanting it opens itself to challenges.  “The world’s policeman’s” stick was simply too large to take that risk in the past, even if the leadership didn’t always appear strong.  But now they watch as U.S. leadership has CUT MILITARY SPENDING AND DEPLOYMENTS, going even further cutting the military’s future by defunding weapons programs and basing programs.  The U.S.’s nuclear aircraft carriers are down to 2 on active deployment, and during recent Russian tensions the U.S. sent (1) ‘destroyer’ to the Black Sea.

The quotes are there for all to read and tell the story of the U.S.’s commitment, or now the lack thereof, to doing the job of world stability…  “The US military could be reduced to its smallest size since before World War II, if a new budget is approved by Congress. The Pentagon is preparing to slash the country's military budget, with cuts to soldiers' pay and benefits, and plans to scrap entire fleets of aircraft.”  “Proposed weapon spending calls for the retirement of (older) weapon systems, such as the entire fleet of the Air Force's A-10 Warthog ground attack jets and U-2 spy planes.”  “"While we cut nearly one-fifth of our defense resources, Russia and China are arming at an alarming rate.”  “…to make such cutbacks, senior Pentagon officials said Monday, they would have to scale down radically the U.S. military commitments and missions at home and abroad.”

The agents of chaos, the strongmen, the dictators, the ultra-nationalists, the extremists, have been loosed from the threats of Big Brother.  The conflicts have begun, and there is nothing to slow them down.

We have entered a new age.


  1. The U.S. was never even a soft empire, it is part of the growing and never gone away Roman empire. The Vatican know's how to feed of the fears of the people. When they are in fear, they tend to pray more, they attend Sunday services, they tith every Sunday. With over a billion catholics in the world, if half tithed 10% every Sunday, this amounts to BILLIONS weekly. We know who runs this world, it will be interesting to see how Mashiach deals with this in the near future.

  2. Most empires are like this. The British empire, the Persian empire of Achashverosh, the empire of Achav.

    Yes, you heard that right, according to our traditions Achav did not just control an empire, he was one of the few men in history that could legitimately be said to actually rule an empire.

    We think of empires such as Alexanders empire or the Roman empire, empires created solely by force, but that's not how it generally works or has to work.


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