Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Is x-ianity Idolatry?

by Reb Gutman Locks

     An idol is a finite object that is worshipped.
     Hashem is Infinite. “Infinite” means; without end, everywhere at all times, unchanging, All, Only, etc.
     “Finite” means; limited, with ends, not everywhere, formed, changing, etc.
     “Worshipped” means; served, prayed to, bowed down to, sacrificed to, served in its particular service…such as an ancient idol that was worshipped by tossing stones at it, etc.
     No one, Jew or non Jew is allowed to worship anyone, or anything, other than the One Infinite G-d. To do so is idolatry.
     That being clear, there are a number of Jewish sources that allow non Jews to believe in the concept of “Partnership.” Partnership means that Hashem has allocated, or delegated a portion of His power to another entity, such as a star, or a spiritual being, but in NO WAY does any proper Jewish source allow anyone to worship such an entity, whether it is entirely spiritual, or physical, or whatever. Worship is reserved only for the one True G-d, the Infinite One, Hashem.
     As to x-ianity, the vast majority of x-ians today worship yashka (the man they say who was crucified) as a portion of god, or as god in the flesh. This is clearly idolatry, and is forbidden. If these x-ians would imagine seeing that man (yashka) walking down the street they would say, “There goes god!”
     There are however, some well known branches of x-ianity that call yashka merely a teacher, or a “way shower”, but not a god. According to most Jewish sources those branches of x-ianity are not forbidden to the non Jew.
     The fact is that few x-ians understand what they believe in, and only try to conform with what they think they have been told. It is a shame since the vast majority of non Jews who follow those myths are, for the most part, decent people trying to do good in the world.


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  2. Excellent overview teacher Rav Locks . The roman catholic church has the inquisition pogroms crusades and the shoah to there credis where they didn't say much if anything against hitler . The concept of j.. being a deity , ie we believe this or we die , killed and converted millions of jews may there memory be a Blessing . The ramchal says this klipah of amalak is at the crown of the klipah keter . Before mbd builds the temple and teaches us new understandings of torah , amalaks fist and kiss must leave us all . I include righteous gentiles may they be a blessing for us . Thank you rav locks for discussing this incredible mind f.... xtianity . Dear holy Rav thankyou for helping bring the geulah closer with your kind acts and yes where necessary your acts of gevurah, which I love your not just a kiss a... I read chesed and gevurah = 288 ie the 288 shards caught in the klipos , get them out rav we are trapped in golut and we cant extricate ourselves . The catholic church Y'mach shmo is beaming when the state was formed the Vatican was scared Hashem was with us , now that our lot is regit the birthpangs are shaking us all they feal there blood is pure again .

  3. I keep hearing from various rabbis that X-tianity is not idolatry and that X-tians believe in one G-d and X-tianity is an acceptable way for non-Jews to have relationshp with G-d. I vehemently disagree. If any of these rabbis would visit a church on Sunday (which they can't), they would have a WAY different opinion. Having come out of the church, I can attest to the fact that ALL worship in a modern-day Evangelical church is directed to Jesus, a man, and only to him. All prayers, all worship, all service is to him, not to the One G-d. There are no prayers to the Father, only to J-man. How can this not be idolatry? Thank you for speaking the truth.
    Best regards, Emunah


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