Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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If So.Then, How Come? (Part 2)

If So…Then, How Come? (Part 2)


by Gutman Locks


     Abe: A friend wants to know; according to the parable, - there is no "us" –ain oid milvado (there is none besides Him.[1]) But, if there is no "us", then who is he loving? Himself? Parts of Himself who are under the illusion that they are a separate entity? Where's the fun in that? 

     Gutman: There is an “us”. There is a creation, but the Infinite is always all. Since the Infinite is all, It has to be the finite us, too.

     To Explain: The Torah states explicitly that Hashem created the creation, so we cannot say that the world is merely an illusion.

     The creation is real. We are really here. But we are not simply what we think we are. We think that we are only people,... which is half right. We are people, but our soul, our life force, our very existence, is a tiny beam, or a ray, of the Eternal One. What we see ourselves to be are limited human beings, and this is correct, but this is merely viewing things from a superficial, external, perspective. It is true, but this is only a tiny drop of the story.

     The Infinite hides Himself in order to allow the finite its individual expression. The finite is real, and it feels, and it does, and it goes along its way. But, what the finite really is, is the Infinite allowing a portion of Itself to be directed by that finite portion’s awareness and desires.

     So, the individual does have its own life. It does things, and it has things done to it, and as long as we view things narrowly, this is the true (albeit temporary) reality.

     But, soon, some day, that person’s life will let go of its body, and that body will return to dust, and the soul will go up for its accounting. Then, when the soul sees the body fallen away it will say, “Hum! I wasn’t that person after all! That’s not me lying there. I am the one who is going up now.”

     At that time, one of the questions the soul is going to be asked is, “Did you enjoy My world while you were there?” If the soul answers; “Oh yeah! Right away! Do you know what misery goes on there almost all the time?” Then, that soul will have to come back into another body again, and again, until it understands, that just like did G-d place Adam (the first man) in the Garden of Eden back then, “So does G-d do now to any man…when he repents of his sins and occupies himself with the Torah”[2]

     G-d wants us to have freewill. In order for this to happen He has to hide His Presence from us. This allows us to feel alone, free to do whatever we want. And we try to do just that, and whatever we do comes back to us. One way or another…both the good and the bad that we do comes back to us, unless we turn. When we turn, we reap the results of our new direction.

     And around and around it goes, until the final Redemption. At that time we will all be placed in the chairs that we ourselves made with our deeds. That will be our station…, how close, or how far we will be from His Glory.

     To make this journey easier, Hashem, in His kindness, has given us His Torah…life’s instruction book. It brings joy when followed correctly, and when not, then life’s troubles take over, and we have to pull the plow without the yoke. Oy!

     Look for the joy in your life, it is surely there… and then you will surely live a joyful life.



[1] Deuteronomy 4:39

[2] Zohar 27a


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