Sunday, February 16, 2014

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What Happens?


What Happens?

by Gutman Locks


     What happens when you help someone? The truth is you never know what your simple, kind deed is going to change. Here is a letter I just received from a young man I met at the Kotel a few years ago. I put tefillin on him, spoke to him, showed him how to open his heart, and sent him on his way. He was smart enough to listen to what I said, and recently returned to Jerusalem to learn for a few months.

     Whether or not we succeed is really not in our hands, but whether or not we try is.

“Hi Gutman

     Well, through the grace of G-d's power I found my match and we became engaged on Sunday! I followed your advice and the shidduch [dating] process was rather quick and painless. We are both pleased and would be honored if you could come to the l'chaim on Thursday night at 8pm, Mayanot Shul. Our vort [engagement party] and wedding will be in Crown Heights, and I would be happy to share those details if you could make it. I give great thanks to you for your guidance in my life. If you hadn't wrapped tefillin on me three years ago, I don't know where I would be today.

     B"H that I am in a great place and I'm going to marry an incredible person. 

     With much gratitude,




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