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Think Good and It Will Be Good

by Rabbi Nati @ Mystical Paths

think_goodBaruch Hashem! "Think good and it will be good"  Have you ever thought about the source of this cliche'?

This is what Reb Nosson of Breslev has to say in Kitzur Likutey Moharan for today the 6th of Adar about what what Rebbe Nachman has to say in torah (LM) 49…

4.' When a person's heart is "hollow" as in the verse, "My heart is hollow within me," then his heart is wide open with wisdom; and then rectifies the creation which is formed by wisdom- which are good thoughts....
When a person thinks good thoughts, this is like rectifying the entire of creation. Furthermore, if he purifies his heart, banishing from it all bad thoughts and thinking only good thoughts, he will thereby merit to be able to renew the act of creation and to preform miracles in the world...

This also relates to the teaching of our sages, "To serve Him with all your heart' (Devorim 11:13) Which is the service of the heart? This is Prayer" (Tan'anit 2a)

For prayer is primarily dependent on the heart- that is, a person should put his whole heart into his prays and tightly bind his thoughts to his words of the prayers so that his heart is not far from his words.  He should really hear what he is saying. through this Hashem’s kingship is revealed and magnified in the world. Thus the kingship of evil falls. Great vitality, influx, wealth and boundless blessing are brought down. It is said of such a person that he also merits the revelation of the Hidden Torah of the Ancient one.'

Through his good thoughts he will come to pray and with his prayers he can and will change the natural course of events, bring nu-tolled blessing into his live and for everyone in the world… this is nothing less miraculous!


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